Monday, March 15, 2010


Just a quick look at the brackets, and I'd say out of the Number 1 seeds, Duke has the best shot to make the Final Four. They should handle Cal or Louisville, they can beat Texas A & M, and they should handle a beat-up Purdue team. A date against Villanova, Notre Dame or Baylor in the Elite 8 should be forthcoming—and Duke can beat them all.

Regarding the Brady Quinn trade, it's a good move for Quinn and Denver. McDaniels comes from the Charlie Weis school of offense, so Quinn should be very familiar with the system. And while Quinn has been in the league for a while, he's only been in 14 games. So if's give a fair shot, and he should expect he should, it is a bonus for the Broncos, because for a piddling amount, they get a QB with a nice potential upside.

So we have to figure the Browns are going into this season with at least one other QB, because Delhomme and Senaca Walace can't be considered "The Answer" for the rebuilding Browns. So unless they pull off an amazing trade for Kevin Kolb, they should be drafting one. At pick 7, the top 2 consensus QBs might be gone. So either the Browns trade up to get one—they have about 418 picks in this draft and 5 in the top 3 rounds—or Mangini and Mike Holmgren have found a guy they like later on. Holmgren was the guy who got Packers GM to trade for Brett Farve, who did exactly nothing with Atlanta. Holmgren was also the guy who traded for a no-name guy named Matt Hasselbeck. In other words, the man can spot talent in low round picks or in guys who haven't accomplished anything yet. it would be interesting to see what Browns do from now until the draft.

Is this the year the Pirates significantly escape the boytom of their divison? Aside from a 2nd-to-last placed finish in 2006—they were one game up on the Cubs that year—the Pirates have solidly occupied last place in the NL Central for a long time. But looking at the Houston Astros, and with the young talent the Pirates coming up—this could be the year the Pirates start to inch closer to .500—because I doubt the Astros are going to be anywhere near it.

Vince Wilfork's baby is named David Dream-Angel Wilfork. Just saying.

So sorry to hear about Ryan Westmoreland. All the best prayers and wishes for a full recovery.

Contrary to all the complaining and judgment about the selection this year (including the idiocy that is Jason Whitlock), I thought the committee actually did a pretty good job. The West is a little weak and the Midwest is pretty hard, but overall the teams that got left out deserved to, and teams that are seeded are for the most part, where they should be. As Jay Bilas said, if the teams are complaining overall about their place in the field or by not being in the NCAA's; "Win more games against quality teams." I like that.

I think Toby Gerhart would be a nice fit in the 2nd round for the Chargers. He'd be a nice complement to Darrin Sproles and would get the tough yards in the red zone.

In a amazing conceit and interesting article, The Hardball Times put out on Friday, Brian Giles, Hall of Fame Class of 2016. I know what you're thinking—go read it.

And seriously, I died a little inside when I saw this.

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Pete S said...

I like the Number 1 Seeds and the regions they were placed in except Syracuse and Duke should be flip-flopped. The ACC was down this year, so Duke winning that title isn't all that significant. Also, Syracuse lost to 3 teams that are in the NCAA tournament (Louisville twice) while Duke lost to NC State and didn't beat anybody all that good (Maryland and Georgia Tech are not all that). Syracuse beat Georgetown twice (Duke lost to G'Town) and also beat Villanova and West Virginia.

We'll see if Brady Quinn has what it takes, because a lot of factors are on his side this time.

Yo9u're right, P-Cat, the Walrus has someone in mind for the QB spot. That might be his greatest talent...finding a great fit for that system.

Gerhart ran a hair over 4.5 and showed good feet at the combine. He could be a steal.