Monday, March 22, 2010


I guess we can call the "Kyle Farns- worth Starter Exper- iment" a failure.

Maybe he's right, but when Jamie Moyer talks about how today's pitchers are babied, he sounds a little like the Monty Python Guys, when they talk about "how things were tougher when they were young.

Love that Purdue showed everybody that they were not a "The Robbie Hummel Players" but an actual team. And a good one at that, as Texas A & M found out.

If the Lions do what this guy suggests, and take Trent Williams ahead of Ndamukong Suh, the Motor City fans will burn down the Stadium and lynch their GM.

This time of year, everybody in football is lying so they can misdirect other teams about who they will pick in the draft. They why do I get the feeling that Mike Holmgren isn't lying when he says he doesn't like Jimmy Clausen.

How is Jarrod Washburn not signed by somebody (Twins, Brewers, I'm looking at you)? Obviously he hated Detroit and didn't pitch well at the end of last year, but in Seattle the lefty had a 2.64 ERA in 133 innings last year. What, nobody needs lefties like that?

How bad do you feel for Joe Nathan? The most underrated player in baseball—he leads the majors with 264 saves since 2004, has to have elbow surgery and will miss the season. But even worse than Joe Nathan, I feel bad for the Twins. trying to replace Nathan will be nigh impossible.

Good to see Shelley Duncan playing well in the Indians Spring Training camp. Always felt if he got a half a chance, he could produce.

Wow, how lame was that Tiger "confessional interview?" Love the gentle setting, the softball questions, the humble look on his face, and the muted "nice guy" sweater. Should have had "A Tiger Woods Production" at the end of it. Too bad they couldn't make him sound human rather than the Tiger-bot 3000 robot he sounded like.

And just gotta see this.

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