Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Isn't it time that Coach Izzo gets the recognition he deserves? 3 straight Final Fours in 1999 through 2001 and 6 since 1999. To put it another way, the last time Michigan State got to the Final Four, Magic Johnson took them to the championship....in 1979.

Gotta give it to Butler. For a small school that hasn't won their conference since 1950 and have been in the NCAA tournament just three times since 1950, they sure gave Duke all they could handle Sunday night. And they destroyed a St. Mary's team that beat up on Villanova. They should be proud of themselves.

The LA Times has an interesting article on how NFL prospects are using YouTube to try to drum up interest in themselves. The athletes make videos of themselves accomplishing amazing athletic feats, like jumping out of a pool using no hands, leaping over a 66-inch hurdle or, my favorite, Tala Esera, who shows his toughtness, by smashing his head through a wall.

Think Donovan McNabb wishes he had a no-trade clause in his contract right about now?

SI's Sky Andrecheck feels that the Cardinals should not sign Albert Pujols to a Mauer-type mega-contract. He cites Albert's injury history and to-be-sure-to be-coming declinging production. Right. Last I checked Albert was just 30 and missed just 16 games in the past 3 years, and has never played less than 143 games his entire career. So, nooooooo Andrecheck, the Cards should pay Albert to a nice 6 or 7 year deal worth whatever he wants.

In the "No Duh" news of the day, the New York Knicks have alerted the media to the shocking and unexpected news that Eddy Curry will miss the rest of the season. Aren't you just blown away by shock?

Know it's only spring training, but it sure is good to see Travis Hafner swinging free and easy. This spring, Hafner is batting .330, is slugging .550 and has 11 walks. And in further great news, his teammate Fausto Carmona has given up just 1 run in 20 innings this spring. Of course, the real tests starts in a couple of weeks, but promising news nonetheless for two very talented players who've been hampered by injuries for a very long time.

I'm sorry PFW. I love your publication and 99% of the time, you are right on. But the way you have your mock draft running.....if it was true and Buffalo passed up on Bryan Buluga....the people in upstate New York would destroy Ralph Wilson stadium in protest. I mean, really guys.

Last year, Joe Girardi shocked people by switching Johnny Damon to 2nd and Derek Jeter to first in the lineup. Turned out...it worked pretty darn well. And so far, this spring, the whole "batting fifth" thing for Robinson Cano has worked out just fine as well. Again, it's just spring, but so far, he's batting .370 and slugging a mighty .545 with 2 HRS in 44 at bats. Stretched out over a season, that's about 30 HRs for Cano, not factoring in Yankee Stadium's short right field wall.

Meant to write about this a while back, but Tom Verducci had an interesting column on how Ryan Howard is getting fed a steady diet of breaking balls. Howard is facing far, far more breaking balls than almost any other hitter in the NL. And for the most part, he hasn't gotten much better against them. Last year, he improved a little, but not enough to get opposing managers to not target Howard with curveball pitchers. Amazing stat of how managers are setting up Howard. Howard is a career .298 hitter in the first six innings of a game but only a .237 hitter after. Meaning late in games, managers send up a lefty breaking ball pitcher against Howard, and he becomes a liability. Anyway, good article. Go check it out.

And finally—one day I have to create a list of the most freakish, silly injuries in sports history. And this next one would have to be included. 34-year old Cub first baseman. apparently got hurt last week....when the chair he was sitting in collapsed.

"He was eating before the game and the chair just collapsed on him," Piniella said. "That's why we got him out of there after three innings."

 And as the article reminds us....that isn't even the worst freak injury. Remember this doozy? I tried to forget it myself.


Eric said...

I think you should have a weeekly feature called Noooooo Andrecheck.

Travis said...

I was just thinking about Izzo the other day, and how little credit he seems to get. Especially compared to Coach K, Roy Williams, Bill Self, Jim Boeheim, Pitino, Calipari and probably some of I have forgotten.