Saturday, April 3, 2010

Best Yankee Internet Sites

If there's one thing the Yankees aren't, it's underreported. And not just on TV or in the newspapers. On the intertubes, there are dozens and dozens of places people can go to find out information, some mainstream media, some just regular Yankee fans. Let's check on just a few of the best. And the worst.

The LoHud Blog
The Bible, aka The Lower Hudson Valley Journal beat writers' blog. The best daily source of information and news reporting. Updated frequently, and full of insider information, as well as stats and roster moves. Probably the best beat reporting, locker room interviews and insider thoughts. Has a Twitter feed and LoHud TV. The site gives you the feeling that you were sitting next to the writer as he's watching the game—especially in spring training. As said before, the absolute Bible of Yankee reporting and information.

Bronx Baseball Daily
A number of Yankee bloggers joined forces to create a super-informative blog. Updated seemingly by the second, BBD covers the entire Yankee world, including updates from the minors, injury news, roster moves, analysis and thoughts. Great site that covers the Yankee world from all sides.

River Avenue Blues
If they had nothing else, but the Fan Confidence Poll—a great little poll that measures the fan's confidence in the Yankees—this site would be a winner. However, the three writers on the site offer a lot of information and analysis—including culling Yankee news and data from all over the web—all with the attitude of a fan. The RAB Pledge Drive to raise money for Yankee player's charities is a great move as well.

New York Baseball Digest
No one does it like Mike Silva. Silva, writing the lion's share of entries of on NYBD, and updating throughout the day, writes not just on the Yankees, but also the Mets. Forgiving that error in judgment, Silva also has regular contributors (including yours truly), who write on any and all aspects of New York baseball. Filled with thoughtful commentary and always interesting and informative, Silva's site can add to your knowledge of Yankee baseball beyond what ESPN and the local papers can ever do.

Yankees Daily
Information, analysis, scouting, opinions and some...well, babes. All with a definite point of view and attitude (a intermittent "Disgraceful Player of the Game" feature, for instance). This is not reporting—it's definitely someone's opinion. Yet even if you don't agree, you'd have to give it that the blogger knows his stuff, and spends a great deal of time thinking, watching and writing about the Yankees and their entire organization. Also, has a YankeesDaily Girl of the Day—an admitted gimmick to boost the readership of the blog.

3:10 To Joba
Like Yankees Daily, Yankee analysis with an attitude. Mos def not just reporting. As the bio says, the site is " attempt to find the hidden hilarity that ensues around the major leagues." Good analysis and lots of fun.

Honorable Mention:
Yankees Minors To Majors
Pinstriped Bible

And now some blogs that could use some work.

Bombers Beat
Not necessarily a bad blog. Just nowhere near the coverage level of LoHud or many other sites. And since it's a blog—with access to all the exclusive resources of the MLB—not having the absolute best source of information is unforgivable.

Blogging The Bombers
See above. New York's Hometown Paper needs to do a lot better job of letting us into the Yankee Universe rather than just writing an info piece that would be a tidbit in the paper, and calling it a "blog."

NY Post's Joel Sherman's blog. Again, see above. Not awful, but updated just once a day, or less. Feels like Sherman is punching a clock, writing a little news tidbit to say, "I did my blog piece for the day." Boring. A non-starter.

And now, the absolute worst writer of the Yankees Universe

Wallace Matthews, formerly of New York Newsday, but now of
Curmudgeonly to the point of idiocy. Takes glee when the teams he covers begin to fail, so he can point out how stupid they are. An alarmist. After Yankees lost first two games last year, he wrote: "The Yankees absolutely, positively have to win today...." Bitter.

Completely overstates (a Matthews go-to move: Overstate a point to create publicity for yourself—I wonder why ESPN hired him out of all the candidates.) his point on his first entry for, by stating that the Yankees were lucky in 2009. As usual, took a decent point and carried it to the point of jackass-ocity—ignoring the facts that while the Yankees had some luck, they also had to overcome A-Rod's steroid disaster, then his hip injury; The complete meltdown of the bullpen early in the year; and Joba's starter meltdown after July; losing the first 8 games to the Red Sox, and 6.5 games back and 2 under .500 on May 12th. Using Chad Gaudin, Sergio Mitre and the Man That Was Once Chien Ming Wang as starters. And were the first team to win the playoffs and World Series with only 3 starters.

Hyperbolic. Once reported that instead of re-signing A-Rod, the Yankees should spend that money on middle relievers ("...dozens of Mike Stantons and Jeff Nelsons and David Weatherses"). Dismissed the fact that the affair between 15-year-old Mindy McCready and 28-year-old Roger Clemens, with "these days, 15 is the new 30." A total Fail.

That's it. Go find your favorite source of Yankee information and enjoy the season.

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