Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Five

1. Who was the worst fielder you ever saw in baseball?

2. If you were the Cleveland Browns, would you trade up for Sam Bradford, if the Rams wanted a ton of picks and your no. 1 next year?

3. Which pitcher in baseball history threw the nastiest curveball?

4. When was the last time you watched a boxing match?

5. After hearing this story, consider the most disgusting or inappropriate thing you've ever seen at a sporting event.


blmeanie said...

1- Jose Canseco was awful. Not just the ball off his head for a HR awful, overall anticipation and making plays. 2nd place for my all-Redsox terrible fielders was Butch Hobson. Some fans argue he was very good but what I remember most was on any grounder to third he had to charge on it was going into the seats behind first. That was after his bone chips started showing up of course.

2 - nope, too expensive

3 - loved watching the 12/6 curve of Mike Mussina in his prime. Most effective (that i've seen so Koufax is out) could be Nolan Ryan. Ryan's fastball required respect and the very good curve was a knee buckler.

4 - Tyson/Spinks 1988 , 91 seconds, robbed by PPV cost of something like $50

5 - that takes the cake I think.

blmeanie said...

real question on #5 is how did a police captain not tear into the jerks?

sager said...

1. Vladimir Guerrero in his early Expos days; 2. No; 3. Blyleven; 4. 1997, when Tyson bit Holyfield. 5. If I have seen something worse I probably repressed it.

Pete S said...

1. Bam Bam Muelens 3rd base - horrible. 1a. Dave Kingman at 3rd base

2. No...they would be asking too much

3. Koulfax...thank goodness for ESPN Classic

4. Live - the Golden Gloves 7 years ago. On TV, the Hopkins v Jones, Jr. a few weeks ago

5. The depiction of Patrick Ewing as a monkey hanging on the backboard. It was on a poster brought in by a St John's fan at the Garden in 1985.

P-Cat said...

1. Dave Kingman. Nice. Forgot about him. Bobby Abreu is close to the top of my list. Watching him this weekend....just wow.

2. Probably too much, but they really need a QB.

3. Great choices. Zito when he was young, Koufax another spectacular choice. Blylevan's curve was legendary.

4. I think Tyson—Frank Bruno was the last one I watched and paid for.

5. I saw something similar in Yankee Stadium. These bachelor party guys weere drinking beer, then spitting it out of the suite onto the people underneath. The Patrick Ewing story—holy gosh, that's awful.