Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Five

1. Which pitcher's bad start has surprised you the most: Justin Verdlander, Jon Lester or Jake Peavy.

2. How do you think Tim Tebow will do in Denver?

3. Where will Jimmy Clausen end up?

4. Will the Red Sox pull out of their slump or is this year a wash?

5. Do you think it's OK for advertisers to buy space on a team's uniform?

1 comment:

blmeanie said...

1 - I've only noticed Lester of the three so I guess him. Doesn't bother me though, long haul he will be fine.

2 - he'll do fine, pick was too early but he'll do fine

3 - sorry, happened last night :)

4 - yes, but they will stay in the hunt barely until they get Gonzo in July, then the race begins in earnest.

5 - nope, hate the idea, Nascar is different, their uni is the car, tennis started it years ago with little patches, that seemed fine because of the individual-ness of the sport (no team name). Team sports should not let that happen.