Monday, April 26, 2010

Some draft thoughts

I guess I'm not on board as much as everyone else is about the Giants taking Jason Pierre Paul in the first round. They already have Osi Umenyora, Mathias Kiwanuka and Justin Tuck. That's a lot of DE's to pay, and then adding another one. Sure you can move some of them inside, but really, was this the best pick, especially considering Maurkice Pouncey was picked just a few picks later?

Love the pairing of Toby Gearhart with Adrian Peterson. Think that works out perfectly, with Gearhart getting the tough yards, and leaving the explosive Peterson to do what he does best, make people miss in space.
How does Baltimore keep doing it? Almost every round, they get immense value and fill another hole on their team. Sergio kindle was picked to go in the first round, they get him in the second. Arthur Jones at one point was a early 2nd day pick, they get him in the 6th round. And Terrance Cody, one of the better NT's in the draft, they pick up late in the second round. Top draft of the year.

Just a hunch. Undrafted free agent WR, Rich Gunnell might turn out to be a find and a great possession receiver for the Chiefs. Again, just a hunch.

Likewise undrafted DE/OLB Kevin Basped, who signed with the Jets. At 6/6, 240 and quick, Basped might be a pass-rushing OLB that Rex Ryan could use.

How do the Colts not draft a couple of early picks for their O-Line? OK, I can see taking Jerry Hughes pick in the first round, even with Roger Saffold sitting there. But how do you pass on LT Charles Brown in the 2nd round (who goes in the next pick)? In fact, the Colts don't take anybody for their offensive line until the 4th round. They averaged 3.5 YPC last season and got just 242 yards in 3 postseason games. Don't you guys remember how you couldn't move it via the ground in the second half of the Super Bowl guys?

Same with the Bills. How do they not draft a O-lineman until they take the immortal Ed Wang in the fifth round? Their quarterbacks got sacked 46 times last year and were constantly under pressure. Guys...C.J. Spiller is a luxury, not the necessity they needed to address.

Surprised Dan Williams went so late. With so many teams switching to the 3-4 and solid NT's difficult to find, I thought he'd go much higher.

Can't say I like the trade of Leon Washington and a 7th rounder for a 5th round. Leon, when he was healthy, was the most explosive player on the Jets roster, and their best offensive weapon. For a 5th rounder. Was that seriously all you could get? And if it was, then don't trade him.

Even more than Jimmy Clausen and Colt McCoy, the "Slippery Slider" award goes to Ricky Sapp, DE/OLB from Clemson. Once thought a late 1st pic, Sapp lasted until the 5th round, when the Eagles finally saved him. Even possessing the quicks and great upside, teams saw in Sapp a potential injury addition fill waiting to happen.

And finally, name of the draft. John "The Terminator" Connor, to the Jets. And he is a Full "I'll Be" Back.

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Travis said...

I was really surprised at how far down Dan LeFevour slid down. I know Mel Kiper had him as the number 4 QB in the draft.

I like the Gearhart pick as well. I think it can give the Vikes a pretty mighty 1-2 punch.