Monday, April 12, 2010


Seriously, after watching three games at the "Trop" field down in Tampa Bay, they've gotta blow that place up. Grass like the Brady Bunch backyard. Crappy lighting, ugly concrete walls and just depressing. Selig, get on doing something nice for the Rays.

A fifth rounder for Santonio Holmes? Why not trade him for a half-filled with air football and a sweaty towel?

And just one question, if I may. Where do you play him. Braylon Edwards and Jerricho Cotchery are already the starters. And if touches get spread out, I get the feeling Holmes and Edwards are not the kind to keep quiet.Or are the Jets going to a Colts-like 3-wide-out offense? Dustin Keller is not known for his blocking, so Shonne Green better get a serious learnin' in blocking or Sanchez might be on his back a lot. In nay event, Holmes enters a locker room with Bar-Brawlin' Braylon and Baby-Daddy Cromartie. Should fit right in.

Just how in the heck are the Toronto Blue Jays 5-1? Well, I think Christ—our Risen Lord—must have come down to Earth to do a Lazurus number on the Man That Was Vernon Wells. After being injured and/or awful the past few years, the Risen Vernon is batting .350 with 4 HRs to start the year. Way too early to speculate, but its a nice sign to see Wells back in action.

Word is that Chan Gailey does not want to take Jimmy Clausen in the first round. Now as the National Football Post wrote this weekend, Gailey is the guy who passed over Drew Brees because he wanted Ray Lucas to be his QB. Ray Lucas, people. So maybe, Chan....take the kid from Notre Dame if he's available.

There is growing buzz that the Bucs and the Lions are interested in trading for Albert Haynesworth. With the massive amount of money involved, who knows if that would happen—we know it won't be for a first rounder—but if it does, it sure could screw up a lot of mock drafts.

Our best wishes to Martina Navraltalova, who was diagnosed with breast cancer last week. Growing up in the 80s, Navratalova was the epitome of both dominance in her game, and class of it. Some numbers 18 Women's Grand Slam titles. She holds the open era record for most singles titles (167) and doubles titles (177). She recorded the longest winning streak in the open era (74 consecutive matches) and three of the six longest winning streaks in the women's open era. Martina, we wish you the best.

How bout another from the "Way to early to judge, but let's do it anyway" department. Curtis Granderson is batting .348 so far this season, about 100 points high than last year's average. But the really interesting thing, is that he's batting .300 off of lefties, after batting about .210 off them for his career. Again, it's only 3 for 10 with a walk, but it's something.

And lastly, from the "Going Too Far" section of the news, a couple in Alabama—obviously fans of Alabama football, named their first child....wait for it......Crimson Tide Redd. Sigh.
The couple, however, wants to be reasonible:

We don’t want to force him into anything. But he does already have a lot of Alabama stuff.”
Its just a matter of time before someone comes back with "Rocky Mountain Hyde." Bull Dog Black. Just so long as it's not Commodore Vandy.


Donna Ng said...

Re Granderson, I forget if it was Michael Kay or another Yankee announcer, but he said that the first thing the Yankee batting coach did with Granderson was have him move closer to the plate. Maybe that has helped against the lefties. All I know is he is looking great in Yankee pinstripes!

Travis said...

Well the Jets will have four games extra to figure out what to do with Holmes, since he will be suspended for those games. I reckon if one of the other two are sucking it up they figure he can step in there.