Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Five

1. Do you believe Brian Cushing when he says he didn't take any performance-enhancing drugs?

2. Do you believe Lawrence Taylor when he says he never had intercourse with that unwillingly underage prostitute? (Which mugshot do you prefer, the 1986 or the 2010? I know, poor taste)

3. Is Tiger Woods done as a dominating golfer? (I can't believe I just asked a golf question.)

4. Should Notre Dame remain independent or join the Big 10?

5. OK, a question on everybody's mind: Should Lebron leave Cleveland—what's the worst moment in Cleveland Sports history:
A) Jordan over Ehlo
B) Elway's Drive
C) Blowing Game 7 of the 1997 World Series leading 2-1 in the 9th
D) Lebron Bailing on the Cavs with a weak showing in the playoffs


Pete S said...

1. No

2. No, he cannot control himself

3. No, he'll be dominating. He was in the top five in the Masters in his first tournament back.

4. Assuming they can keep that TV contract with NBC, they have no reason to join a conference.

5. Elway's drive was devastating. 1a. Blowing the WS

Travis said...

1. Uh, no

2. Uh, no. I like the '86 pic.

3. Yes, I think other golfers are catching up to him, and he seems to be injured a lot. I can't believe I answered a golf question

4. Since it is all about the money, they should remain independent as long as that remains the most profitable.

5. To me it has always been the drive.