Monday, May 24, 2010


Good bye Giants Stadium.

You stay classy, Brian Urlacher.

OK, how is a cold weather Super Bowl a bad idea? Oh, boo hoo, it's cold. Waaaaah. Pardon me, but I though football players were tough guys, guys who prided them selves on being withstand brutal beating and being battle-tested warriors. And boo hoo, sports media guys might have to use their access to the Super Bowl in a colds stadium. Awwww, rats.

Listen, football is a harsh game, meant for mud, not Astroturf. meant to be played outside, not in some ridiculous dome. And it was certainly meant to be played in the cold. If guys like Santonio Holmes are going to pout, ignore the massive ducats they earn for playing this game and is upset he can't spend the evening before the game on the beach, more's the better. Football players are not supposed to be playing the game in perfect conditions, and it should be embarrassed that they would complain if they don't. Did Dick Butkas complain about it being cold in Chicago. Did Bart Starr nag that it snowed in Green Bay? Fer chrissakes, no. because they are football players. As Joe Delessio wrote in New York Magazine the other day, "As for the wusses among the other owners? They're free to vote for either Tampa or Miami when the host city is selected on May 25." Amen.

What do you say? Can the Redskins trade Albert Haynesworth before training camp. Maybe some team does want to take on a huge contract belonging to a malcontent, because yes, he is a very good player. But can't see there would be many of them. Maybe the Texans?

Maybe a ton of teams would want Roy Oswalt should/when the Astros trade him. And MLB Trade Rumors lists a few. Out of the few, the team that makes the most sense for him is in Arlington. Oswalt wants to remain in the south, and he would fit very well in the Rangers rotation. The Rangers have the bats, and they are close on having a good rotation. Oswalt would give them that.

Seems like the Cavaliers are doing exactly what LeBron is telling them to do.

I know its only May, but man. The Yankees seemed to get old fast.

That said, could we stop with the stupid "What the Yankees passed on with Johan Santana" crap. Just take a look at Phil Hughes stat line and his age (23) and you'll know why we didn't trade for Santana.

I know the Angels don't want to hear this...but I'm pretty sure it's time to call Bradon Wood a bust.

Considering he is owned over 80 million for the next 4 years, I can't see how the Wizards will trade Gilbert Arenas. I get they don't want him anywhere near John Wall, but they are going to have to cut him. I could be wrong though.

Finally, I know this has been all over the web, but man it is still funny.


Pete S said...

Good points, P-Cat. If Giants Stadium hosts the Super Bowl the players will have nuclear-powered heaters and shelters if they so wish so they don't have to face the elements unless they're on the field. As for the fans, if you can't bear the cold enough to watch the Super Bowl you shouldn't watch the sport period.

Too many Super Bowls have been track meets, and while I can't say that a high-scoring game is awful to watch, it would be really interesting to see one featuring inclement weather. The rain during the Colts-Bears SB a few years ago was definitely a factor, and it made the game a little wild - that was a good thing. Let God throw these guys a challenge with a snow storm during the game.

The Giants could certainly use Albert Haynesworth, but I don't think the Skins would deal him within the division. They're not as dumb as the Eagles. I'm just afraid that the Pats will wind up with him somehow.

The Braves should try and snatch up Oswalt...who do they have besides Hudson?

The Cavaliers should just get it over with and let LeBron conduct the interviews for their next coach if they expect him to stick around.

You're right about Agent 0. He's all but undealable, although Philadelphia likes reckless players.

I agree with you P-Cat and I'd take Phil Hughes over Johan Santana at this point in their careers.

I wonder if Keith was crashing off a cocaine high.

blmeanie said...

whoa there Pete, the Braves don't need an injury ridden overpaid pitcher right now, besides to answer your question, besides Hudson (who entered the year as their #4 starter) they have Jurrjens, Hanson and Lowe. I'll give you that Lowe is nothing, both Jurrjens and Hanson most/all teams would like to have. both are young and very able. Medlen has filled in very nicely while Jurrjens has been out.

Pete S said...

So you wouldn't take Oswalt if the right deal presented itself? The Braves pitching in general is mediocre. If they got hot they could contend for the play-offs.

blmeanie said...

the Braves wouldn't because the "right deal" includes absorbing the overpaid injury prone pitcher.

Their #1 has been hurt most of the season so yeah, they have been less than they are capable of, all healthy it stacks up with most staffs, certainly in the NL.

P-Cat said...

Ooooh! Love it when there's some good talk on the board. But, to be fair, meanie, Oswalt has been healthy this year. And he is pitching awesomely. Get your point about his injuries. But getting a guy like that could put your team over the top. You're only 3 games back, and he could put you over the top.

blmeanie said...

they are now officially over the top, lol

no need, they need more hitting, so no, I would not trade for Oswalt and his contract, I'd trade for a bruiser