Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday Five

1. Would you have changed the perfect game call? Explain.

2. Who would you rather have, Prince Fielder or Ryan Howard?

3. Which quarterback will be the first to get benched this season? Why?

4. If you had to guess, by the way his crickety bones move, how old would you guess Ray Allen is?

5. Besides the people who hang out outside OTB's, do you know anybody who goes to the horse races regularly? Have you ever been?


Travis said...

1. Yes, because I am all for getting it right. That would be right.

2. Pretty close, but I would take Fielder.

3. Tough call. Probably Josh Freeman. For sucking obviously.

4. 39-40

5. Only a guy on the radio, he is there almost every night. He also does a fantasy call of every triple crown race. It is about as interesting as you might think.

I've never been to a race track before, but I would like to go at least once.

blmeanie said...

1- yes, only because it would have ended the game. No way if it had been 1st or 2nd out of inning.

2 - Jason Heyward, cost of $300k vs. huge contracts of Fielder and Howard :) - Fielder of the two mentioned

3 - whomever starts in Denver

4 - 30 (Ray Ray is awesome!)

5 - nope, went to dog racing a couple times and Jai Alai though

Pete S said...

1. No. The call is the call, and they don't use instant replay for those types of plays.

2. Howard.

3. Pennington.

4. He plays like a 35 year old.

5. I know a few gamblers who go almost every week. I have been to a track on about 20 occasions.