Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Five

Sick here's a very ill version of the Friday Five.

1. What's the weirdest/silliest injury an athlete has ever had?

2. What high draft pick/player, who was full of talent—but who's career was washed out by injuries—do you worst for?

3. Have you ever seen an athlete vomit in a game? What about something worse?

4. What was the worst in-game injury you ever saw?

5. When do you think Derek Jeter will be too old to play shortstop anymore. What about too old to play at all?


P-Cat said...

OK, so I'll go first:

1. Probably Derrek Lee's failing off a chair while eating. Or Gus Frerotte head-bumping a stadium wall.

2. Def. Brian Taylor for the Yankees. Scouts still say he might have been the best prospect they ever saw.

3. Yes, Matt Ryan vomited out of excitement once. But Grete Waitz pooping down her own leg while running a marathon was still the worst I ever saw.

4. The above picture probably. Or Joe Theisman.

5. Probably one more year and then he should move to the outfield. And secondly not for a while.

Travis said...

1. 75% of all baseball injuries. Shower, sprinkler head, etc.

2. Mike Sherrard of the Cowboys. He had a decent rookie season in '86, and then broke his leg in the next 2-3 training camps. He had one more good year with the Giants in '94, and that was it.

3. Not that I recall off of the top of my head.

4. Probably Theisman. The one I was about 5 feet from was when I was in wrestling, and it was 2 days before Christmas. One guy broke his arm. Think of taking your arm from between the wrist and elbow and turning that entire portion of arm 90 degrees. Awful.

5. I was going to give him 2 more years myself. Hell I dunno 5 years?

blmeanie said...

1 - Plaxico Burress

2 - Len Bias

3 - I did it playing in an amateur USTA tennis tournament ~ 1991. Hot as H*ll and humid (Georgia), was playing, after a long point had to go over to the fence, puked, came back and finished/won the match.

4 - Theisman

5 - at least 2 more years at short. He will hang them up once he loses his ability to hit at the .300 level or close to it. 3 more years after this one???

Pete S said...

1. Gus Frerotte. The dazed look after he hurt himself was priceless.

2. If things don't change for Greg Oden, he'll be up there.

3. Greta Weitz pooping her shorts during the New York City Marathon.

4. Theismann was gross

5. 2 more at short, 6 more total.