Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Seriously......what the heck is wrong with the Olympic committee? I mean look at the picture of their idea of the 2012 Olympic Mascot and tell me...is there oversight at all? I mean, it looks like something out of a child's sugar-fueled nightmare.

Did you see those drop shots Roger Federer was dropping in the first round. And with his first round opponent ranked something like 237th in the world. Just not fair.

Good brief from Ken Rosenthal about the Angel's problems. Sure, they are only 2-1/2 games out, but they are 1 game under .500. Brandon Wod is a bust, Erick Aybar is underperforming, and Matsui is just not young anymore. They are batting .250 as a team and OBP is just .315. And this year, they don't have the pitching to help them out. With Kendry Morales out, this could be a long summer for Angels fans.

Rosenthal also writes that considering the Cardinals recent injuries and their tenuous hold on the NL Central lead, that they might be interested in a trade for Mark Buehrle. With the White Sox fading, this might be a trade that makes sense. Says Rosenthal:

Here’s a thought for the Cardinals, though it is merely speculation: White Sox lefty Mark Buehrle, a native of St. Charles, Mo., who always has wanted to pitch for his hometown team. The White Sox, eight games back in the AL Central, would not necessarily concede by trading Buehrle; they could replace him in their rotation with Triple A right-hander Dan Hudson. Buerhle gains full no-trade protection on July 15, but the bigger obstacle would be the money remaining on his contract – the balance of his $14 million salary this season and another $14 million next season.

Interesting. And with Carpenter, Wainwright, Garcia and Buehrle....not to mention Brad Penny if he comes back healthy, they would have a devastating rotation heading into the playoff run.

Gotta love SI.com's Lebron Watch. up to the second data on where LeBron will sign and everything LeBron. OK, even a hardcore sports fan like me thinks this is a bit much.

So apparently, athletes like to meet women and arrange to meet them. Shocking! I am shocked!

Derek Jeter is as smooth as a politician speaking at a fundraiser. That said, if he is intransigent about a potential position switch...it could be trouble.

Maybe this is overly harsh...but has anybody ever gotten more press in his athletic career while accomplishing not a whole lot, than Vince Carter? Dude averaged 22.9 points per game in his career—about the same as Bernard King— on 44% shooting (King averaged 52% shooting for the points he got). That shooting percentage dropped to .415% in the playoffs—not the most clutch dude out there. Yes, the man could dunk. And I'm not saying that "VinSanity" didn't have a nice career, just saying that the hype he got was way past the results he produced.

Not to jump on the bandwagon...but yes. The MLB umpires do seem to be making more mistakes and getting more emotional about it this year.

Some people say that the Orioles might be willing to trade Adam Jones if the price is right? Why, well digging into Jones' splits, it seems Jones has developed this nasty problem of not being able to hit lefties. And it's getting worse, where this season he's batting roughly his weight (.226) against lefties. Should they get a team in need of defense & speed and young legs in the outfield, and who can tutor his batting issues, the orioles might do well to trade him for a pitcher who can actually pitch.

While it would be nice if everything worked out for Bobby Carpenter and the Rams—the Rams think they have their opening day WLB—and who knows? They could be right. but I do have to remind them, Carpenter has started 3 games in 4 years with the Cowboys. Not even a game a year.

And lastly.....maybe you saw this layup on SportsCenter...but you should see it again. Just for the look Phil Jackson gives right after.

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