Monday, June 14, 2010


As Public Enemy said, you shouldn't believe the hype....except when its that Strausberg kid. Kid is filthy. I mean his change-up is 90 mph. That's just unfair.

Jason Bay loves playing in Citi Field. I mean, come on! In Fenway last season, he had a measly 36 HRs. Now this season...he's got 4. Heck yeah! It's June 14th and he's got 4. Yeah, Jason, maybe you should have stayed in Fenway, dude. Oh and the Mets cannot be happy that 60 million dollars bought them a slugging percentage 70 points behind Rod Barajas.

So Texas and Oklahoma go to the Pac-10. Nebraska goes to the Big 10. And maybe West Virginia and Pitt goes to the ACC. Like I said before, I couldn't care less about all of this, as long as it ends up with 4 mega-conferences and a playoff system.

I can't help thinking that the Red Sox are going to trade Jonathan Papelbon. Maybe not in July, but next winter perhaps. Papelbon just doesn't look like the same guy from a few years back. Don't get me wrong, he's still an excellent closer. And that's the point. With Daniel Bard behind him and pitching extremely well, the Red Sox have the luxury of trading Papelbon, and still having a closer ready to step up. So they trade him to a team that needs a closer (Washington? Philadelphia?) and pull in some prospects.

For his own good, I felt Tom Izzo should have stayed at Michigan State, but if he does go to Cleveland, I think LeBron stays.

Great article on Jamie Moyer in the Baseball Times and how he deified the odds when it comes to the longevity of his career. A career that began with his first game pitching against....Steve Carlton.While the guy may never be a Hall of Famer (and he shouldn't be), you have to admire the man's perseverance.

Nothing like stompin' on truly awful teams to get your mojo back.

Didn't Shaq say a while back that he was going to retire before he got to old and busted? Pretty sure he did.

And finally, as if I needed another reason to hate the so-called "sport" known as soccer—oh sorry, I mean futball—the World Cup has provided one. The freakin' vuvuzela. Trying to watch the games with that constant irritating blaring for 3 ungodly hours....well it proved impossible. Seriosly, one of the most annoying sound I've ever heard—along with Bill Walton. The World Cup is wondering why the games selling out? How about because everyone around blaring these things in your ears for 3 hours while you watch an insanely boring game?

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Pete S said...

A 90 MPH change-up? Yikes.

Unless I was a pitcher or a Punch and Judy speed guy, I would not even consider playing for the Mets in Citi Field. The Mets should try to become a pure speed team like the Cardinals were in the '80's. Watching them as they are now is brutality.

Can you imagie the amount of money generated if they instituted a play-off system and had the National Championship game on Super Bowl weekend? Personally, I need something to do on the Saturday night of Super Bowl weekend. Vegas would love it too, because whether you win or lose the college game, you're gonna be motivated to bet even more on Super Bowl Sunday.

I think Izzo should stay right where he is...successful college coaches get hammered when they try to coach in the NBA. Calipari, Pitino, etc. should call him and let him know how it is a player's league.

Wow, you are right P-Cat. Soccer is tough to watch under any circumstances, and that shrill noise makes it worse. Awful.