Monday, June 21, 2010


Not saying I don't like the new Golden State Warriors logo—but let me just say this. First off, I have always hated the name Golden State. I mean, Golden State, where the hell is that? What is it? Just a stupid name. And second, the logo is kinda 70s, but in a not-so-bad way. It's just that it doesn't have anything to do with the name of your team, Warriors. Nothing in the logo reflects their name. So what are the Warriors doing, defending the bridge? I kinda don't get it.

Not sure who would trade for Albert Haynesworth at this point. An inveterate knucklehead, known for antics and laziness, who would trade for a guy with a 7-year, 100 million dollar contract, who last year, got 4 sacks, no forced fumbles and 30 tackles (roughly 2 a game). And even with Haynes there, the Redskins were a middle of the pack 16th in rush defense last year. So is this the guy—a headcase who underachieved—you want to taking tens of millions of your money?

Bill Shaikin of the L.A. Times feels that the Angles should get Dan Haren in a trade. Well, sure fine, but you have to wonder if Haren is OK. After a banner year last year, where he had a WHIP of 1.003, this year, his WHIP is the highest since 2004 and his ERA is his highest since his rookie year at 4.71. His last outing had Haren getting rocked by the Red Sox for 4 runs in 5.2 IP. So, Angels, are you sure this this is the guy you want to bring into the AL and pay his salary through 2012?

Another thing I don't get—a ref not having to explain a call. Now, I know less about soccer than just about anyone. But, when a ref calls off a goal in the World freakin' Cup and doesn't have to explain anything at all—not what the infraction was, not anything. He doesn't have to because FIFA, the soccer organization who runs this thing said the rules state that a ref doesn't have to explain anything ever.  Which makes no sense. Especially when every single replays show if there was a foul, it would have been on Slovania who were bear-hugging some American soccer players. I knew soccer was boring, but I didn't realize it was insane. I mean, imagine an ump calling off a game-winning walk-off home run in the World Series, and not having to explain why. This has to change.

As this is being written, Roger Federer has lost the first 2 sets of his first match at Wimbledon. I know the man has to eventually decline, after an amazing career, especially at Wimbledon—where he has won 6 out of the last 7 Wimbledons. Yet, losing your first 2 sets is pretty dramatic. I'm probably being a little overdramatic, but after a decisive beating by Robin Soderling in the quarters of the French Open, and now this....I hope Federer will still be able to play some competitive tennis for a little while longer.

Sage Rosenfels should be traded soon. Why not Buffalo. They already have a roster filled with unproven, middling quarterbacks. Why not one more?

Have to give a big shoutout to Carl Pavano for making me look good. Right after I wrote my feature on him last week, what does the Pavaninator do, but dial up a one-run, complete game efort, holding the Phillies to 4 hits and no walks. And hell, who was pitching against him and took the loss loss, but The Hoss, Roy Halliday. Heck, beating Halladay in Philadelphia for a complete game. Thanks for making me look good, Pavano.

Trade proposal. Dan Uggla to the Padres. The Padres are 1st in the NL West, but they've been carried by their pitching. They are 3rd to last in almost every offensive category, including runs per game, Slugging, OBP, BA and home runs. All they can say is thank god for Pittsburgh and Houston. Dan Uggla could come in, take over right field (he's never going to get a Gold Glove at 2B anyway) and provide some pop for the Padres. And it would look good to local fans in San Diego that the Padres management is serious about winning the West.

You see Josh Hamilton going 5 for 6 yesterday, raising his average to .337 and his slugging percentage to .600, you have to look at him and say, damn, imaging what he could have done if he hadn't wasted all those years.

And lastly, let me just say, "I knew it!"

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Pete S said...

I agree with you - the logo isn't great, but it is an improvement over the others. The oldest one was a basketball with the State of California in it and the franchise name in some sort of wild, wild west font. The other one was the black knight-looking character holding a lightning bolt like a spear. Maybe they chose the bridge because it reminds Chris Mullin of Brooklyn.

Haynesworth is unmovable, on or off the field. You're absolutely right, P-Cat.

I think FIFA is corrupt, as is the entire sport of "football." Players gamble rampantly for or against their own teams. Remember the Colombian player who got whacked by the drug cartel? I can only imagine how many referees "supplement their income" by taking bribes. They are systematically backed by FIFA, so why not blow some calls? I have to raise an eyebrow.

Uggla is a great call for the Padres. If they can score some more runs, they could be tough in a play-off series.

The one good thing about the Hamilton story is that he stopped using drugs before he hit his prime. He just turned 29, so at least he should be around and productive for a while.