Monday, June 28, 2010


Look at this depth chart and tell me, please, why the Giants drafted another DE with their first round pick? Look how banged up their DT situation is and they drafted yet another DE—They have 3 excellent ones and another fine one. Why do they waste a first round pick on another. And without trading one? How do they not draft DT Dan Williams or LG Mike Iupati? Really, really strange pick.

Usually don't agree with Jason Whitlock, but this paragraph from his column on the World Cup had me nodding my head, yes:
Someone—most likely an ESPN executive—sent out a memo that this is the yeargoes American mainstream. There’s no upside in discussing how boring soccer is. The smart money is on recognizing there’s a generation of 30-somethings who grew up playing soccer and a generation of 50-somethings who spent their 30s and 40s taking kids to soccer practices.
Very true. Soccer seems to be shoved down our throat the way the boys over at ESPN are covering it. had an interesting quote from Joel Sherman. He said that a better choice for a trade for the Mets might be Ted Lilly of the Cubs. Lilly is in the last year of a four-year deal with the Cubs—for which, he's been a bargain. Lilly has had a 1.136 WHIP for the Cubs over those 4 years, a 3.65 ERA, and this year has had a 3.18 ERA. he loved his time in New York with the Yankees  and would most definitely love to play for a contender this year. And, most of all, would probably cost a lot less than Lee.

Over at, Eric Winston does a nice job filling in for Peter King. He has a few ideas about how to change football for the better, the OT does, and some of them aren't half bad, especially the first one, which I have touted myself more than once. Go take a look.

This nonsense about if Jamie Moyer makes it to 300 wins, he gets into the Hall of Fame, is just that. Utter nonsense. Winning 300 shouldn't earn you a free ticket to Cooperstown. It took Moyer, what about 48 seasons to win 300. Look at Tommy John. he's not in, but has an ERA a full run per game lower. Why, because he only won 288 instead of 300? Moyer's WHIP is higher, his ERA+ is higher. Same thing for Bert Blyleven, who's not in. He has a WHIP and ERA are way lower than Moyer, but he's not in. Yet if Moyer makes it to 300, he gets in? Ridiculous.

I guess I was a little premature last week in saying that Roger Federer might be slipping.

If, as rumored, Chris Bosh and King James go to Chicago, you may, right there, have the next World Champions. Add those 2 to Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah and Luol Deng, and that's a starting five to match anybody.
Hey, Carlos Zambrano and B/J/ Upton. Play well, then you get to open your mouth. Upton, you're batting .223 and loafing after balls. And Zambrano, you've got a 5.56 ERA and a WHIP near 1.7. So, seriously, guys, shut up and improve your game.

Interesting point by where they push for Steven Strasburg to make the All-Star game. have to say, I totally agree with them. I haven't watched the All-Star game in years, but I might if SS were there.

You want the difference between the American League and the National League? Just watch the Yankees 9th inning against Jonathan Broxton. Broxton, the Dodger's closer came into the game with a downright silly .083 ERA, and who had allowed all of two earned runs all season. Then he met the AL East. And that is the difference.

As if it wasn't crazy enough that over 90,000 people went to the Spring Game at the U. of Alabama, but now ESPNU is running reruns of the game constantly. Really?

And lastly, a really and truly ridiculous kerfuffle has arisen in the political world. Namely, some left-wing politicos have queried "Is it racist to hate soccer?" I mean, what the hell? I can't hate the world's most boring, frustrating and tedious game because it might be racist. Heck, I've always thought of myself as a relatively open-minded guy, but if hating soccer is wrong then i don't want to be right.


Pete S said...

The Giants were shopping Osi when they made the pick, and the ILB and OT they wanted were off the board already. They are also looking to put 3 or 4 DE's in the game on some downs like they did the year they won the SB. That said, I would have gone DT or ILB, but they believe they got what they wanted at those positions later in the draft. I'm skeptical, but that was their thinking.

I agree with you about Moyer. He shouldn't even sniff the Hall.

I really don't want the Bulls to come away with James and/or Bosh. I'm still smarting from the Jordan years when they smacked around the Knicks.

The interesting thing about Broxton's meltdown was that rookies with very few AB's contributed to the rally. He should have been able to mow them down.

Soccer is suggest that many on the political Right hate soccer because they are racist is actually very funny. The Germans and Dutch are actually pretty good at the sport. I would think a racist would be giddy about that.

Has anybody asked these "racists" if they also dislike baseball, basketball, and football? Those sports are not exactly homogenous. I'll bet G. Gordon Liddy likes football at the very least.

ABS said...

I really dont see how Soccer is being shoved down out throats, all you have to do is change the channel. And I wouldnt necessarily say the soccer-haters on the right are racist, but they they definitely hate the "global" aspect of it, including the fact that the US doesnt dominate it like other sports....and if Glenn Beck hates it, it must have some redeeming qualities!