Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday Five

Sorry about the lack of updates. Been very busy...anyway, here we go.

1. Who pitched a no-hitter on July 4th, 1983?

2. Who's number was retired on July 4th, 1939?

3. Who was killed last year on July 4th.

4. Charles Barkley is in talks to be the GM of the Phoenix Suns. Good idea?

5. Does it bother you when teams use a state name or region (Golden State Warriors, New England Patriots) instead of the city name?


blmeanie said...

1 - no idea, guess JR Richard or Nolan Ryan

2 - Lou Gehrig?

3 - don't remember

4 - yes, would be entertaining; no - would miss him on TNT

5 - no, think it is cool actually

Pete S said...

1. Dave Righetti - I was there

2. Babe Ruth? Lou Gehrig?

3. Uncle Sam?

4. An African-American GM in a state full of people who have a problem with a holiday for Martin Luther King? It could be a bad mix. I agree with BL Meanie as well, as there would be little reason to watch TNT without Barkley.

5. Golden State bothers me a little because the name is a little silly, but New England I can deal with because they play in Foxboro and are the only NFL team in that area. All of New England backs the Pats. The Angels are annoying. (LA Angels, California Angels, Anaheim Angels, LA Angels of Anaheim). Make up your mind.

Travis said...

1-3. I will assume others are right, or I don't know.

4. No, I think he likes to have too much fun, and wouldn't be up to putting in the hours needed to be a good GM.

5. Not really