Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Five

1. Where does Roy Oswalt end up? Does he help that team make the playoffs?

2. Where does Cliff Lee go next year?

3. In light of the massive amount of recruiting violations going on, is there a way to make college football more ethical?

4. How do you feel about LeBron James leaving Cleveland and going to Miami?

5. Have you and your friends ever made up a sports word?


P-Cat said...

I'll go first.

1. I say St. Louis, just because I think he wants to go there.

2. Probably the Yankees.

3. I don't know. Harsher penalties for agents who violate the rules.

4. A little weak. I mean, he has the right and everything, but I still can't help thinking he copped out a little.

5/ Yes. Ambidunkstrous. A guy who can dunk with both hands.

Travis said...

1. San Diego. No idea why...

2. Yankees

3. Have the billion dollar enterprise that is the NCAA hire more people to check into violations.I wish I could find the link, but the NCAA has less than 20 people to investigate violations in ALL sports at ALL school. There is no way they can cover it all.

4. I think it was chicken ess in a way. But I think the way Bosh did it was worse (what has he done again?), and Chris Paul right now is worse as well.

5. I can' think of any off of the top of my head.

Pete S said...

1. I think the Cards will pick him up and he'll be helpful.

2. I hope the Yankees, but I have a feeling he'll wind up in the National League.

3. They need to step up enforcement, but the NCAA will never pay for it.

4. It was a good move for him, but I'm disappointed the Knicks couldn't get him.

5. Nothing original.