Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Five

1. Now with Roy Oswalt in their uniform, do the Phillies take the NL East?

2. How does Tim Tebow pan out in the NFL?

3. With Ochocinco, T.O. and Pac Man Jones, will the Bengals be good enough to win the AFC, or with it turn into a sideshow circus?

4. With JairJurrjens back and healthy, do the Atlanta Braves win the pennant now for Bobby Cox?

5. Is Scrabble a game? What if it was full-contact scrabble?


Travis said...

1. I don't think so. Something about them bothers me.

2. A long health career as a backup.

3. Both actually.

4. Sure.

5. A game? Yes. A sport? No.

blmeanie said...

1) no, Braves will find a way to take the division, Phils may still run the NL table in the playoffs though.

2) inserted as started with 3-5 games left this season, does reasonably well, plays a few years, bounces around some, some starter, some backup

3) umm, don't really care. Despise teams/players that think they are above the game, no matter what the game is (see Lebron)

4) win the division, yes, tough road to the pennant without a lineup that is scary.

5) full-contact, sure, cage match?

Pete S said...

1. Yes...they're tough and the braves will probably fade.

2. He'll play for a long time without stardom.

3. They will get into the play-offs

4. No, the Phillies will because they picked up Oswalt. The Braves should have dealt for him.

5. It's a game and full contact would border on a sport.

blmeanie said...

1) last night's box score for Mr. Oswalt:

6.0 7 5 4 2 4

His ERA stands at 3.53 in the NL which probably is around 4.00 in the AL. Ok, but not great. Played for a lousy Houston team, no doubt.

I only post this because if he had thrown a 1 hitter last night the post would have been from a follower of yours that might have argued long and hard that the Braves needed him more. All's fair, and I realize he will indeed pitch some gems before the season is out. Just having some fun...

Pete S said...

It's one start.

blmeanie said...

sure was, just beating you to the punch, like I said, you have been adamant about how the Braves should have scooped him up. The Braves need hitting, not a stud pitcher. Most nights their pitching is fine.

In the past couple seasons every team was trying to pry Jason Heyward away in trade deadline deals. I'm quite glad they resoundingly said no.

I'm a fan of acquiring guys to get you over the top. The Braves are a nice team built on pitching currently. They aren't really a threat to win it all by any imagination. If they make the playoffs it is a nice sendoff for Cox. Losing a future player or two to acquire an expensive stud that would not even get you over the proverbial hump is bad management. Good for the Braves. Nothing against Oswalt. Every 5th day he woulda helped. He also mighta lost some 2-1 3-2 games.

Having grown up a Sox fan, I still remember the years and years of anguish over Bagwell and B.Anderson being traded in deadline deals. (Schilling too but he came back ultimately.)

The Braves are loaded with minor league pitchers that will flow through the system. In recent years they have gone back to their roots (roots from the late 80's when they realized building from within and supplementing from outside is the way to go).

Pete S said...

Rick Ankiel? Another bullpen arm? This is a questionable move.

Pete S said...

Jurrgens got spanked tonight. Is this how the Braves want to go into the stretch run? They are clueless. As I stated a while ago, Hudson is their only reliable starting pitcher. So they trade for Rick Ankiel and a journeyman reliever? WOW!

Even if they get into the play-offs, What do they have outside of Hudson? Furthermore, the have allowed the Phillies to add depth to their starting rotation. As you know, the play-offs require at least 2 reliable starters. Cox is retiring - why not give his team a chance?

Depth in the minor leagues is important, but the Braves have a shot to get into the play-offs. Once that is accomplished, who knows? They have not prepared themselves even if they do get in. The National League does not have a dominant team. They blew it.

blmeanie said...

wow, nice retort Pete, let's see where to begin:

"Jurrgens got spanked tonight. Is this how the Braves want to go into the stretch run? They are clueless."

Let's just sub in Oswalt for Jurrgens in your statement. Wow, not much difference...

"So they trade for Rick Ankiel and a journeyman reliever? WOW!"

Actually, I'd take their bullpen up against most/all.

"They have not prepared themselves even if they do get in. The National League does not have a dominant team. They blew it."

Except the blew it part I agree. You might have missed what I said earlier, they have a nice team, not a championship team. Oswalt was not going to change that one bit. They didn't solve their needs at all but their problems was not another arm. It's their hitting. Not a single hitter to be feared.

Pete S said...

So you're comfortable with that starting staff? Are you kidding? Oswalt wouldn't have given them another solid option at starter? They have no depth in their starting pitching. Oswalt would have improved that - if you can't see that, then I'm sorry...I'm at a loss.

I'm sorry you don't agree with me, but if you're comfortable with relying on Lowe, Jurrgens, and Tommy Hanson vying for the second starter role, then you're apt to disappointed. Oswalt could have been a viable number, and now the Phillies have him.

Not a championship team? What kind of attitude is that? They're in 1st, they could have made themselves better, and they failed. Case closed.

blmeanie said...

Atlanta pitchers are currently 4th in the NL in ERA and 3rd in WHIP.

I believe I've stated before that the Braves don't have unlimited resources and operate under a different mind-set than the big boys. They strive to maintain salary expenses in the mid-$80's and maintaining a flow of minor league options every year.

Would I prefer they go for it, yeah sure. The Braves are my 2nd favorite team, born out of 20 years living in Atlanta. Luckily my favorite team (RedSox) do have the resources to go for it. So while I wish for the old days with the Braves as perennial NL favorites, since Ted Turner sold out and merged with Time Warner so long ago the team has had a very tight leash on budgets.

I can play the fantasy baseball challenge game with the Sox, wish they would acquire every top player. With the Braves it is not worth fantasizing. They don't operate that way. They got burned by Texeira a few years ago, believed he would sign long term because of his connection to Georgia Tech. No such luck, he was all about the obscene money and needed to be moved for about .10 on the dollar. They are destined to be more like the Twins than the Yankees/RedSox. Homegrown talent will get them to the playoffs every 4-6 years for a couple of years and hope for the lightning to strike to get to the top.

I've never said they are constructed to win it all, I've stated the opposite. You keep expressing that I will be disappointed. I agree with that statement. Oswalt would not have put them over the top, you never seem to acknowledge that fact. If they traded for two power hitting corner infielders or a centerfielder that can hit above .160 then I think they could contend short-term.

Pete S said...

Their offense is in the top half as well, I think they're fifth. So it's not as if they can't score.

Play-off baseball requires at least 2 starters. You will not acknowledge that Oswalt is a better starting pitcher than anyone on the Braves than Hudson and that starting pitching is the most important factor in a play-off series.

Once you get into the play-offs anything can happen, especially if you have a couple of starters who can keep the score low. Saying that the Braves aren't good enough, and can't compete with the big boys is an excuse. They have a shot to get into the play-offs and win. They made trades for players they don't need...a bullpen arm for an already good bullpen and an outfirelder who will bring nothing more than defense. Hence my statement that they blew it.

Yes, a bat would have been a great move too, it always is. But starting pitching should be addressed first. They did not do that and they could have. My guess is that it will cost them which is a shame because getting into the play-offs is a great thing financially.