Monday, July 26, 2010


Seriously Dez, you don't want Marc Columbo and Marcus Spears sitting on you while the rest of the Cowboys beat on you. Just carry the pads.

Love Andre Dawson's call out to all the HGH cheaters in baseball. Dawson spoke out in a classy but firm way. Nice going Hawk.

Can't understand why the Bills would not try to go after some help on the O-line. One of the worst O-lines last year, the Bills did next to nothing to bolster the unit in the the off-season. Cornell Green, a weak journeyman at best, is the Opening Day LT. Demitrious "Who Dat?" Bell, a 7th round draft pick out of Northwestern State-Louisiana—and the 4th worst tackle according to the stats—is the Opening Day RT. Why, oh why haven't the BIlls done more to sure up their line in the off-season. Jimmy Clausen has got to be thanking his lucky stars that the Bills didn't take him.

If Chris Paul leaves the Hornets, that probably would be the death knell for basketball in New Orleans.

For the last 28 days, Josh Hamilton is batting .391 with 5 HRs and 10 doubles. That's .391 for a month. He also has a .685 slugging percentage in that time and a .721 slugging % in the last 14 days. Right now, he's got to be the far and away front-runner for MVP.

Word is the Rays won't move B.J. Upton......why not? He's batting .228, but despite that, has a lot of interest in him. He's a head case, and the Rays have a blue chip prospect, named Desmond Jennings—down in AAA waiting to get the chance to play. Jennings is batting .285 and has 26 steals. Even if the Rays just platooned Jennings for a little while, and used Ben Zobrist in the outfield from time to time, you have to cut ties with a continually slumping headcase, when you have the chance.

Speaking of what the heck. The Royals are in talks to trade Jose Guillen, Kyle Farnsworth and Gil Meche for Jeff Francoeur and Oliver Perez. What the hell are they thinking. Guillen is a good player, batting .273 with 16 HRs and has a 114 OPS+. Farnsworth is having the best year he's had in a while and has a 2.48 ERA. Francoeur has an 82 OPS+, is batting under .250 and has 8 HRs. Oliver Perez is a broken shell of a baseball player with tons of money owed him. True, Meche has been injured the past 2 years, but for good measure the Mets would throw in Luis Castillo; he of the .242 batting average. So why the heck are the Royals think they are getting in return for 2 pretty good players. 3 washouts?

A recent study shows the Oakland A's earning the worst TV ratings in baseball. No surprise there, but coming in second-worst is a big surprise—the Los Angeles Angels. Really? The Angels not only play in the 2nd biggest market in the country, but have been consistent winners for over a decade now, and continually attempt to keep the franchise winning. Why don't they get the fan support they deserve?

In the "Yeah, right!" news of the week, Stephon Marbury says he wants to play in Miami. Yeah, that sound you're hearing in your ear, Stephon, would be a phone hanging up on you.

Considering Elvis Dumervil just signed a record-busting 43 million dollar guaranteed contract, the fact that the Steelers are paying LaMarr Woodley (13.5 sacks last year) a cent over 550K, must make LaMarr Woodley very unhappy indeed.

And lastly, this is why you pay attention to where the ball is at all times.

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