Monday, August 23, 2010

We'll Be Right Back After This Brief Interruption

Hey everybody,

I'll be off for a couple of weeks due to the impending birth of my daughter, Zoe. Now Zoe isn't here just yet, but she should be arriving any second....she's already very late—taking after my wife I guess. Anyway, I hope to be back commenting on the sports world very shortly. Until then, best of luck to everyone.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Yankee Hitting Woes

Even with last night's win, the Yankees are slumping. No doubt about it. They can’t hit lately and are losing games they should be winning. But as you knew it would, the Yankee Universe is calm, assured that waiting this out is the sane course of action.

Just kidding, the Yankee Universe is losing their mind.

Monday, August 16, 2010


Soooo......Buffalo looks like its off to a good start. 1-15 sound too optimistic?

Is anyone else as shocked as I m that not only are the Padres still in first place, but that they rocked Tim Lincecum to stay there?

Well, he's starting his NBA career off in excellent fashion.

Since the NCAA handed down the punishment for USC's violations, the Trojans have scored 3 recruits, 1 kicker and a 3-star and a 4-star. In the same time, Tennessee has picked up 12 recruits., all three stars and 1 4 star. Just sayin'.

With the Dodgers putting Manny Ramierez on waivers, it'll be interesting to see who bites the bullet and goes after him. Most likely the Dodgers will pull him back if anyone picks up his waiver and then try to trade for a deal. Will the Rays trade a high level prospect for a rental? They have prospects, but will they go all in. Will be interesting to watch.

Hey Colt. This ain't Texas.

And Steven Strasberg. I seem to remember you signing at the last freakin' second. So how come, exactly you get to open your mouth to someone else doing the same thing?

Maybe I just don't understand the problem. But everyone seems to be down on sophomore QB Tate Forcier. but when I look at his numbers from his freshman year., they don't look so bad to me. Freshman All-America honorable mention ... completed 165-of-281 passes (58.7 pct.) for 2,050 yards and tossed 13 touchdowns ... carried the ball a team-high 118 times for 240 yards and scored three TDs ... averaged 190.8 yards of total offense per game ... had five games with over 200 yards passing ... completed 23-of-33 passes for 240 yards and two touchdowns vs. Notre Dame (Sept. 12) ... threw game-winning five-yard touchdown pass to Greg Mathews with 11 seconds remaining against the Irish ... led the Wolverines on two come-from-behind scoring drives in the fourth quarter against the Hoosiers ... completed 17-of-32 passes for 223 yards and two TDs at Michigan State (Oct. 3), his first career road start ... directed two touchdown drives in the final five minutes that put the game into overtime against the Spartans ... completed 77 percent of his passes at Wisconsin (Nov. 14), going 20-of-26 for 188 yards and two touchdowns ... went 23-of-38 passing for 226 yards and one TD vs. Ohio State (Nov. 21). Played through an assortment of injuries, including a concussion, a staph infection in his knee and a torn labrum in his right shoulder that dogged him throughout the final two months of the season.
So, why then, is everyone so down on him? About 90 other programs would take this guy in a heartbeat. So how is it "the beginning of the end?"

Shoot, if I were the Indians, I wouldn't worry about Travis Hafner's shoulder. He hasn't been the same player in yeas, so it might just be time to count him out of your season's plans and go in another direction.

If this is true about Matt Stover......I don't know, I think its kinda lame.
Man, you gotta love Charles Barkley, cause even if he says something dumb, he still says it, with no regrets.

And lastly, my personal choice for the name would be the Brooklyn Potholes.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Five

1. Is Tiger Woods broke forever?

2. Who's side are you on in the Darrell Revis holdout?

3. On list of top receivers of all time, Randy Moss is number 4. Do you agree?

4. Do you think Brandon's comments about the Cardinals ("I hate the Cardinals. All they do is b***h and moan about everything, all of them, they're little b****es, all of 'em.") went over the line, and do you think his bat tap against Yadier Molina's shin guard was antagonistic.

5. From these 4 John Madden quotes, pick which is the all-time dumbest.

"The best way to gain more yards is advance the ball down the field from the line of scrimmage."

"That is why Emmitt Smith is such a great running back. He sees the hole. Then he runs through it."

"If the quarterback throws the ball in the end zone and the wide receiver catches it.......It's a touchdown."

"The Dallas Cowboys have 2 types of plays in their playbook. Passing plays, and running plays."

Thursday, August 12, 2010

What's Up with Jeter?

The Yankees are winning. Their pitching is pretty good. The bats are nice and they are leading in the AL East. All of which is covering the fact, that at the pate, Derek Jeter is having his worst year in....well, quite a while.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Why Was Granderson In Monday?

Curtis Granderson cannot hit lefties. Period.

Despite all the optimism and the “hard work” and the up-with-positivism nonsense coming out of the Yankees camp, Curtis Granderson cannot and will never hit lefties.

So, why in the bottom of the 7th with the Yankees down one run and the bases loaded against Boston on Sunday, was he up against one of the best lefties in the game?

It took 5 pitches for Lester to get Granderson out. 5 before he struck out swinging, looking completely lost.

For god’s sake, what was he even doing in the game? And why was he batting in the 7th and not pitch hit anybody?

Since he reached a wonderful .254 BA on July 29th, Granderson has resumed his descent into baseball obscurity (indeed, he was batting ninth yesterday—only because there was no 10th spot). He went 2 for 15 against Boston this series with 4 Ks, including a whiff against rookie lefty Felix Doubront before the 0-fer-3 against Lester. He was 1 for 7 with 5 Ks before that against Toronto.

But truly, I don’t blame Granderson as much as I blame Girardi.

In the 7th inning, with the bases loaded and Granderson facing Lester....what the heck was Girardi doing keeping him in that situation?

Lester against lefties this season is holding them to a .208 BA. In 154 PA against Lester this year, lefties have 44 total bases. Granderson is batting .206 against all lefties this season, never mind ace lefties. So what the heck was he doing in the batter’s box yesterday?

Even a fly ball would have been acceptable. But a strikeout is what we all knew we were getting in that situation.

Why not substitute Berkman for Granderson? It was most likely Lester’s last batter, so why not have him face Lester as a righty—or at the very least, force Boston to bring in a reliever?

In any case, leaving Granderson was not 20-20 hindsight. It was an inevitable strikeout, and we all know it. So, once again, Girardi, why was he in the batter’s box in the 7th inning yesterday?

Monday, August 9, 2010


Is James Dolan the dumbest human being on the planet? I don't think even Isiah's mother would approve of this move.


If Rex Ryan get get something/anything out of "El Busto" Vernon Gholston, it would be the best reanimation of a human being since Jesus raised Lazarus from the Dead.

ESPN's football blog—they quote an article written by quarterback statistician Luis DeLoureiro, who states, number-wise, Drew Bledsoe has the numbers for the Hall of Fame. Ummm, no. Just no. I don't think even Bledsoe would agree with that.

Some fans down in Texas are leery of signing Josh Hamilton to a long-tern deal. Really, dude has the most total bases in the AL this year, is batting .355, and batted .454 in June and .418 in July. Jeez, people. Sign the dude. If you don't 29 other teams will.

Man, the way ESPN covered and over-analyzed the pre-season Bengals-Cowboys game, you'd have thought it was the Jets-Colts Super Bowl

The Mets: one game under .500, 9 games out. 10-20 in their last 30 games. Glad they went for it at the trade deadline, huh.

You know, the more I hear Mark Schlereth on the radio in the morning, the more I wish he had his own morning sports show. He is intelligent, no nonsense and usually right on point—instead of being, you know...a silly, over-the-top jokey fool.

Can you imagine how many hits the Babe would have had if he had not been a pitcher for his first 5 years? Maybe close to another thousand, putting him near 4000 hits. Damn.

Listen to this juicy fat: In 1980 there were 3 players in the NFL who weighed 300 lbs. This year, there are 532. Damn, that's a lot of fatties.

I know this took place a few months ago, but I just saw it now. And you should too. one of the best I've seen in a while.

Oh, for God's sake, whatever.

I don't know if this is a fluke, but if he continues to get these guys to play like they have been, I might cast my (imaginary) vote for Manager of the Year, to Buck Showalter

And lastly....a red football field. Damn, if I had to stare at that field for hours, It'd probably be enough to give me the Pokeman seizures.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

A.J Burnett Is Killing Me

Most pitchers have a middle ground. Some days, they are lights out awesome and no one can touch them. Some days they just don’t have and get shelled.

And then their are some days when a pitcher might not have his best stuff—he can’t quite hit his spots or one of his pitches is flat—but he struggles through. He “guts” out a decent performance. A veteran, like a CC Sabathia, or Andy Pettitte has learned how to do this over the course of their career.

A.J. Burnett has not.

Burnett continues to either be flat out dominant or completely awful. There is hardly any middle ground with him. And on any particular night there is no way to tell what he has.

In his last start, Burnett gave up 8 runs in 4.2 innings. His two starts before that, A.J. pitched a total of 11.1 innings of no-run ball. Out of 22 starts this season, Burnett has 6 starts of at least 5 innings of no-run ball. Burnett also has 5 starts where he didn’t make it to 5 IP. His ERA in those starts: 15.2. All of this leads to an extremely mediocre ERA of 4.93. Not quite what 16.5 million should be bringing to the table.

Burnett’s arm speed and movement are still pretty good—he’s always had electric stuff—but electric stuff or not, the man is just a two pitch pitcher.

Yes, there has been a lot of talk about a change-up, as there has been in the last two spring trainings. However, Burnett trusts it so much, he throws it a whopping 2% of the time. So, he’ll bring it out against Casey Kotchman in a 7-1 game, or against Josh Bell as a larf. But the start-to-start bread-and-butter of A.J. Burnett is fastball and his curve. And if one of them doesn’t work....

In other words, with only 2 pitches, Burnett doesn’t have the tools to potentially “gut out a win. He’s giving the batter a very limited arsenal to fear. If his curve isn’t working, sit back on A.J.’s fastball. And vice versa. There’s no slider for him to fall back on. No Forkball. No Palmball. No Slider, Splitter or Screwball. No Change to speak of. Nothing.

And doesn’t it seem odd that, 11 years into his career, he’s left himself this predicament. His fastball is starting to slow a touch—it’s rated an -8.0 wFB on—and, as a result, batters aren’t as fooled by his curveball—a -4.9 wCB on How could he not by age 33, have not learned a cutter or a Vulcan change?

This is a recipe for disappointment. As Burnett ages and his arm speed slows even further, he will need deception and movement even more. And he has nothing prepared. Nothing. And the Yankees now need to think of that, not only for season to come, but as they head towards this October.

Because think of this fact: In 5 starts against Boston and Tampa this season—the 2 best run-producing teams in the AL behind the Yankees—Burnett’s ERA is 8.28. He’s lasted 5 innings in those games.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday Five

1. Which NFL coach will be fired the first?

2. Who is your favorite sports announcer?

3. Which network do you watch more for baseball coverage: MLB or ESPN?

4. Could you run the Albert Haynesworth conditioning test?

5. All right, gotta ask it. Does Favre play this year or not?

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mangini Should Have Said No

I’ll admit. I’m a fan of Eric Mangini.

OK, I can hear you say “Why?” Well, as a defensive secondary coach for the New England Patriots during the 2004-05 playoffs and Super Bowl, Mangini was the guy who coached their injury-decimated secondary, filled with an undrafted rookie (Randall Gay) and a wide receiver (Troy Brown). The Patriots were 7th in interceptions that year and had 3 in the Super Bowl. As a head coach for the Jets, Mangini was handed a misshaped roster with a brittle quarterback, a poor offensive line and a defense ill-suited for his talents; yet made some decent lemonade with those lemons. He also was good at drafting and developing players, such as D’Brickashaw Ferguson, Nick Mangold, Darrell Revis, Leon Washington, David Harris, Dustin Keller and Eric Smith (Vernon Gholston is the exception that proves the rule). In short, had he more of the players he wanted, he could have taken the Jets further—but he left the Jets a much better team than when he arrived.

That said, he should have definitely not taken the Cleveland Browns job.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Yankee 2011 Contract Situation

The Yankees, notorious for having the highest salaries in baseball, are facing an interesting off-season roster-wise and salary-wise. Let’s take a look at what could happen this coming winter.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Should Girardi Platoon Granderson?


Yes, Granderson is on a hot streak. Yes, he is doing damage the past few days. Still, with all the work Kevin Long has put into Granderson this past year, Granderson is still batting only .214 against lefties. His K% against lefties is up from last year to 27.1%. He is slugging .286 against lefties.

Monday, August 2, 2010


Finally! Readers of this blog (all 4 of you...thanks Mom!) know that AAPTBNL hated baseball in snow, ice or freezing winds. Baseball is a summer sport and should be played as such. So it great news, that The Commish, Bud, has declared, From hence forward, no more November baseball!

On the silly side, this awesome web site,Theme Teams did an All-Paul baseball team. Paul O'Neill and Paul Molitor, baby! Not bad!

Normally Mike & Mike on ESPN is mostly a fluff show filled with "zany" and "hilarious" nonsense. But last Friday, Mark Schlereth came and spoke truth to power about the NFL's expansion to 18 games a sezson. Stuff was pointed, intelligent and with great commentary. Have a listen.

CHFF wrote a damning article about the Cleveland Browns on their site. It's harsh, funny and spot-on. After reading it, my prediction: Mangini doesn't last the season. Poor schlub of a coach has never had a quarterback he can rely on. Ask his mentor, the genius, Bill Belichek, who was 41
and 57 until a sixth round draft pick named Brady made his career.

Nice pickup by the Dodgers. Giving up Blake DeWitt and some low-level prospects, they manage to snag one of the better available pitchers in Ted Lilly and a nice IF in Ryan Theroit. Nice swing. Might just be enough to take over the Padres.

It's kinda moot anyway. Can't see how anyone gets past the Cardinals. Wainwright, Carpenter, Garcia, Penney and now Westbrook. They have pitching to burn. And no one in the NL beats them in a short series.

Former New York Jet Mike Nugent is fighting for his NFL career in a battle with Dave Raynor. Both are trying for the starting kicker position for the Cincinnati Bengals. One difference between Nugent and Raynor. Raynor was a 6th round pick, while Nugent was an unbelievable 2nd round pick. Taken ahead of Justin Tuck, Vincent Jackson and Frank Gore. From 2nd rounder to battling for a job. Nice pick Jets.

Still can't understand why people know Reggie Bush's name when hardly anyone knows the best back in the NFL's name. First off....the Dude runs with anger. Lots of it. And on a crap team,  where he was the offense, behind an abysmal offensive line, the dude still ran 4.3 ypc. And can catch balls out of the backfield. Jackson was 2nd in the league with 1416 yards on the ground and had 51 catches out of the backfield. All that and only 2 fumbles. the dude is a stud and should have his name on ESPN a lot more than he does.

Now that the Brewers have extended Corey Hart, they should get around to trading Fat Prince Fielder for pitching help. Trading him to the Mariners for a bunch of pitching prospects, and he where could slide into a 1B/DH role would be ideal for both teams

And lastly...just some cool dunks. From guys who you never heard of. (Come on, you haven't heard of Tom Chambers? Brent Barry? Keon Clark?)