Monday, August 2, 2010


Finally! Readers of this blog (all 4 of you...thanks Mom!) know that AAPTBNL hated baseball in snow, ice or freezing winds. Baseball is a summer sport and should be played as such. So it great news, that The Commish, Bud, has declared, From hence forward, no more November baseball!

On the silly side, this awesome web site,Theme Teams did an All-Paul baseball team. Paul O'Neill and Paul Molitor, baby! Not bad!

Normally Mike & Mike on ESPN is mostly a fluff show filled with "zany" and "hilarious" nonsense. But last Friday, Mark Schlereth came and spoke truth to power about the NFL's expansion to 18 games a sezson. Stuff was pointed, intelligent and with great commentary. Have a listen.

CHFF wrote a damning article about the Cleveland Browns on their site. It's harsh, funny and spot-on. After reading it, my prediction: Mangini doesn't last the season. Poor schlub of a coach has never had a quarterback he can rely on. Ask his mentor, the genius, Bill Belichek, who was 41
and 57 until a sixth round draft pick named Brady made his career.

Nice pickup by the Dodgers. Giving up Blake DeWitt and some low-level prospects, they manage to snag one of the better available pitchers in Ted Lilly and a nice IF in Ryan Theroit. Nice swing. Might just be enough to take over the Padres.

It's kinda moot anyway. Can't see how anyone gets past the Cardinals. Wainwright, Carpenter, Garcia, Penney and now Westbrook. They have pitching to burn. And no one in the NL beats them in a short series.

Former New York Jet Mike Nugent is fighting for his NFL career in a battle with Dave Raynor. Both are trying for the starting kicker position for the Cincinnati Bengals. One difference between Nugent and Raynor. Raynor was a 6th round pick, while Nugent was an unbelievable 2nd round pick. Taken ahead of Justin Tuck, Vincent Jackson and Frank Gore. From 2nd rounder to battling for a job. Nice pick Jets.

Still can't understand why people know Reggie Bush's name when hardly anyone knows the best back in the NFL's name. First off....the Dude runs with anger. Lots of it. And on a crap team,  where he was the offense, behind an abysmal offensive line, the dude still ran 4.3 ypc. And can catch balls out of the backfield. Jackson was 2nd in the league with 1416 yards on the ground and had 51 catches out of the backfield. All that and only 2 fumbles. the dude is a stud and should have his name on ESPN a lot more than he does.

Now that the Brewers have extended Corey Hart, they should get around to trading Fat Prince Fielder for pitching help. Trading him to the Mariners for a bunch of pitching prospects, and he where could slide into a 1B/DH role would be ideal for both teams

And lastly...just some cool dunks. From guys who you never heard of. (Come on, you haven't heard of Tom Chambers? Brent Barry? Keon Clark?)


blmeanie said...

I like the 720 dunk

Pete S said...

Funny article...great job.

So does Derek Jeter go down as Mr. November for all time? I'll take it.

Mangini is an autocrat in the truest sense of the word. Players won't pay for him (unless, of course, they win...ask Belichek).

Lilly forces a lot of fly balls and Dodger Stadium eats fly balls. Their outfielders can pay, too. This is a perfect fit. The Cards do stand in the way, as you pointed out.

I saw Mike Nugent, on grass, go 5 for 5, including two 50 yarders, against NC State to beat them at home. I was there, and it killed me. No excuse for making him a second rounder, but he was money in college.

Jackson is this era's Ricky Watters, except he's tougher and keeps his mouth shut. He's a hall of famer if he stays healthy. AWESOME.

Prince Fielder belongs on the Brewers. That's where really fat guys belong.

I still think Vince Carter over F. Weiss in the Olympics is the best I've ever seen. However, Tom Chambers was a phenomenal dunker.