Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday Five

1. Which NFL coach will be fired the first?

2. Who is your favorite sports announcer?

3. Which network do you watch more for baseball coverage: MLB or ESPN?

4. Could you run the Albert Haynesworth conditioning test?

5. All right, gotta ask it. Does Favre play this year or not?


Travis said...

1. I don't even know his name, but whoever is coaching the Raiders.

2. Eric Nadel who has been Rangers baseball on the radio for years now.

3. Neither really, I usually just read crap online. I guess it would be ESPN though.

4. No, but hes had a week to do it now, so if I've had a week practicing it maybe.

5. Yep, the Vikings will money-whip him into playing. No matter what they say the Vikes don't want Tarvaris or Sage under center.

blmeanie said...

1 - Wade Phillips

2 - Nationally - Al Michaels, great voice and knowledge of whatever event he is announcing. Locally - Jerry Remy (RedSox), fairest homer ever.

3 - ESPN

4 - I would hope so

5 - yes

Pete S said...

1. Chan Gailey. That team is abyssmal

2. I think Troy Aikman is phenomenal as an analyst.


4. Sure.

5. Yes