Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Five

1. Is Tiger Woods broke forever?

2. Who's side are you on in the Darrell Revis holdout?

3. On list of top receivers of all time, Randy Moss is number 4. Do you agree?

4. Do you think Brandon's comments about the Cardinals ("I hate the Cardinals. All they do is b***h and moan about everything, all of them, they're little b****es, all of 'em.") went over the line, and do you think his bat tap against Yadier Molina's shin guard was antagonistic.

5. From these 4 John Madden quotes, pick which is the all-time dumbest.

"The best way to gain more yards is advance the ball down the field from the line of scrimmage."

"That is why Emmitt Smith is such a great running back. He sees the hole. Then he runs through it."

"If the quarterback throws the ball in the end zone and the wide receiver catches it.......It's a touchdown."

"The Dallas Cowboys have 2 types of plays in their playbook. Passing plays, and running plays."


P-Cat said...

I'll go first:

1. Don't care...but I think he'll come back, but not to the same level of dominance.

2. Sorta Darrell. If he gets hurt this year, then that's his career. So he has to go for his now.

3. Absolutely not. Marvin Harrison was better than he was (check the record books) but didn't have the mouth.

4. Absolutely. A brawl was coming the minute he said those words.

5. I'll go for Emmitt Smith sees the hole, then runs through it.

Travis said...

1. Broke as in never winning another major? No. Broke as in not being as dominant? Yes. But like P-CAt I don't really care.

2. The Jets. I am always of the mind you signed a contract then honor that contract.

3. Yes, I might even put him #3. he made a lot of spare QBs look good in Minnesota.

4. Yes, but I like that kind of thing in sports. Athletes are too nice to each other these days. (Look at the NBA)

5. The third one. That isn't even Football 101.

Pete S said...

1. No. As the media attention subsides, he'll be able to focus. He is past his prime, though.

2. He has out-performed his contract, and careers can end due to injury at any time. They should re-negotiate his deal.

3. Yes, but there are some others on that list that I would put elsewhere.

4. He's a big boy and can say what he wants at his own peril. He's stupid. The bat tap certainly appeared to be intentional.

5. The fourth one.

blmeanie said...

1 - of course not, but I can still enjoy it as long as it lasts right?

2 - neither

3 - hadn't heard of one ahead of him, hard to agree

4 - yes and no , in that order

5 - last one