Monday, August 9, 2010


Is James Dolan the dumbest human being on the planet? I don't think even Isiah's mother would approve of this move.


If Rex Ryan get get something/anything out of "El Busto" Vernon Gholston, it would be the best reanimation of a human being since Jesus raised Lazarus from the Dead.

ESPN's football blog—they quote an article written by quarterback statistician Luis DeLoureiro, who states, number-wise, Drew Bledsoe has the numbers for the Hall of Fame. Ummm, no. Just no. I don't think even Bledsoe would agree with that.

Some fans down in Texas are leery of signing Josh Hamilton to a long-tern deal. Really, dude has the most total bases in the AL this year, is batting .355, and batted .454 in June and .418 in July. Jeez, people. Sign the dude. If you don't 29 other teams will.

Man, the way ESPN covered and over-analyzed the pre-season Bengals-Cowboys game, you'd have thought it was the Jets-Colts Super Bowl

The Mets: one game under .500, 9 games out. 10-20 in their last 30 games. Glad they went for it at the trade deadline, huh.

You know, the more I hear Mark Schlereth on the radio in the morning, the more I wish he had his own morning sports show. He is intelligent, no nonsense and usually right on point—instead of being, you know...a silly, over-the-top jokey fool.

Can you imagine how many hits the Babe would have had if he had not been a pitcher for his first 5 years? Maybe close to another thousand, putting him near 4000 hits. Damn.

Listen to this juicy fat: In 1980 there were 3 players in the NFL who weighed 300 lbs. This year, there are 532. Damn, that's a lot of fatties.

I know this took place a few months ago, but I just saw it now. And you should too. one of the best I've seen in a while.

Oh, for God's sake, whatever.

I don't know if this is a fluke, but if he continues to get these guys to play like they have been, I might cast my (imaginary) vote for Manager of the Year, to Buck Showalter

And lastly....a red football field. Damn, if I had to stare at that field for hours, It'd probably be enough to give me the Pokeman seizures.


Anonymous said...


Where did you get the stat about NFL player weights? That seems like an incredibly high number....

Pete S said...

Yes, Dolan is insane. Consulting on what? Perhaps Thomas kept his mouth shut about some things that he could have said at the time and the organization saved face.

Ghoulston's emerging to do anything would be amazing, as amazing as Drew Bledsoe making the Hall.

Hamilton may be a risk - but balance that with his potential. Please...they can't just let him walk.

Now virtually every offensive lineman and half the defensive line all weigh 300+ pounds. That's about 15 guys per team...yeah, I believe that number.