Monday, August 16, 2010


Soooo......Buffalo looks like its off to a good start. 1-15 sound too optimistic?

Is anyone else as shocked as I m that not only are the Padres still in first place, but that they rocked Tim Lincecum to stay there?

Well, he's starting his NBA career off in excellent fashion.

Since the NCAA handed down the punishment for USC's violations, the Trojans have scored 3 recruits, 1 kicker and a 3-star and a 4-star. In the same time, Tennessee has picked up 12 recruits., all three stars and 1 4 star. Just sayin'.

With the Dodgers putting Manny Ramierez on waivers, it'll be interesting to see who bites the bullet and goes after him. Most likely the Dodgers will pull him back if anyone picks up his waiver and then try to trade for a deal. Will the Rays trade a high level prospect for a rental? They have prospects, but will they go all in. Will be interesting to watch.

Hey Colt. This ain't Texas.

And Steven Strasberg. I seem to remember you signing at the last freakin' second. So how come, exactly you get to open your mouth to someone else doing the same thing?

Maybe I just don't understand the problem. But everyone seems to be down on sophomore QB Tate Forcier. but when I look at his numbers from his freshman year., they don't look so bad to me. Freshman All-America honorable mention ... completed 165-of-281 passes (58.7 pct.) for 2,050 yards and tossed 13 touchdowns ... carried the ball a team-high 118 times for 240 yards and scored three TDs ... averaged 190.8 yards of total offense per game ... had five games with over 200 yards passing ... completed 23-of-33 passes for 240 yards and two touchdowns vs. Notre Dame (Sept. 12) ... threw game-winning five-yard touchdown pass to Greg Mathews with 11 seconds remaining against the Irish ... led the Wolverines on two come-from-behind scoring drives in the fourth quarter against the Hoosiers ... completed 17-of-32 passes for 223 yards and two TDs at Michigan State (Oct. 3), his first career road start ... directed two touchdown drives in the final five minutes that put the game into overtime against the Spartans ... completed 77 percent of his passes at Wisconsin (Nov. 14), going 20-of-26 for 188 yards and two touchdowns ... went 23-of-38 passing for 226 yards and one TD vs. Ohio State (Nov. 21). Played through an assortment of injuries, including a concussion, a staph infection in his knee and a torn labrum in his right shoulder that dogged him throughout the final two months of the season.
So, why then, is everyone so down on him? About 90 other programs would take this guy in a heartbeat. So how is it "the beginning of the end?"

Shoot, if I were the Indians, I wouldn't worry about Travis Hafner's shoulder. He hasn't been the same player in yeas, so it might just be time to count him out of your season's plans and go in another direction.

If this is true about Matt Stover......I don't know, I think its kinda lame.
Man, you gotta love Charles Barkley, cause even if he says something dumb, he still says it, with no regrets.

And lastly, my personal choice for the name would be the Brooklyn Potholes.

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