Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Why Was Granderson In Monday?

Curtis Granderson cannot hit lefties. Period.

Despite all the optimism and the “hard work” and the up-with-positivism nonsense coming out of the Yankees camp, Curtis Granderson cannot and will never hit lefties.

So, why in the bottom of the 7th with the Yankees down one run and the bases loaded against Boston on Sunday, was he up against one of the best lefties in the game?

It took 5 pitches for Lester to get Granderson out. 5 before he struck out swinging, looking completely lost.

For god’s sake, what was he even doing in the game? And why was he batting in the 7th and not pitch hit anybody?

Since he reached a wonderful .254 BA on July 29th, Granderson has resumed his descent into baseball obscurity (indeed, he was batting ninth yesterday—only because there was no 10th spot). He went 2 for 15 against Boston this series with 4 Ks, including a whiff against rookie lefty Felix Doubront before the 0-fer-3 against Lester. He was 1 for 7 with 5 Ks before that against Toronto.

But truly, I don’t blame Granderson as much as I blame Girardi.

In the 7th inning, with the bases loaded and Granderson facing Lester....what the heck was Girardi doing keeping him in that situation?

Lester against lefties this season is holding them to a .208 BA. In 154 PA against Lester this year, lefties have 44 total bases. Granderson is batting .206 against all lefties this season, never mind ace lefties. So what the heck was he doing in the batter’s box yesterday?

Even a fly ball would have been acceptable. But a strikeout is what we all knew we were getting in that situation.

Why not substitute Berkman for Granderson? It was most likely Lester’s last batter, so why not have him face Lester as a righty—or at the very least, force Boston to bring in a reliever?

In any case, leaving Granderson was not 20-20 hindsight. It was an inevitable strikeout, and we all know it. So, once again, Girardi, why was he in the batter’s box in the 7th inning yesterday?


blmeanie said...

Does Girardi go overboard with loyalty to players like Francona and Bobby Cox do?

Pete S said...

There were options in that situation, and Granderson is clueless against average lefties, never mind Lester. Girardi needs to wake up before these at bats really count.