Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Five

1. What's the best hair style you've ever seen in sports?

2. With the back & forth between New York and Tampa, who takes the AL East?

3. Which Sunday morning football preview show do you watch? Why?

4. Who's the best football announcer you've ever watched.

5. Pretend this is a zany radio show. What crazy thing would you do to get Super Bowl ticktes, 50 yard line?


Travis said...

1. Uhm, I dunno I've never ranked the hairstyles. I guess give me John Riggins' mohawk.

2. I flipped a coin and came up with the Rays.

3. None, they are all too long, with too many voices. I actually take that time to play some video games right until kickoff. When I did watch it was ESPN's, but that was what 5 years ago?

4. Pat Summerall, no doubt about it. He didn't feel the need the fill every moment with noise, sometimes he would let the game speak for itself.

5. I am a pansy, so there would have to be copious amounts of alcohol for me to do anything.

blmeanie said...

1 - Dr. J, ABA days
2 - NY, they have the easier schedule with the Sox for 6 of remaining...
3 - none
4 - Summerall, the voice is iconic
5 - none, rather watch on tv, sorry

Pete S said...

1. Rodman

2. Yankees

3. I switch between them all

4. Al Michaels

5. I would sprint end zone to end zone at the New Meadowlands at halftime of a game in a speedo.