Monday, September 13, 2010


Is this the year the Colts window begins to close. It's odd, yes to say that about a team that could have gone 16-0 last season, but just check out yesterday's game. They they couldn't defend anything, their O-line got pushed around, they fell behind quick and had to make Manning throw for like, 4000 yards. And still lost.And they lost Bob Sanders, maybe for the season. Not a could recipe for going deep into the playoffs. They are starting to look aged and washed out.

After watching Notre Dame lose to Michigan on Saturday, I can only say this: The Fighting Irish still have a long, long way to go.

First the Yankees skip Hughes, now they skip Vasquez. Are they just going to skip everybody and let CC pitch every game?

It looks like the Jaguars might have been right all along. They big moves they made this off-season—and were criticized for—drafting Tyson Alualu, and signing Aaron to a big-time contract, paid off yesterday. Kaumpman had 1.5 sacks, 6 quarterback hits and had a TFL. Alualu had a sack and a TFL in his first NFL game. This off-season may have saved Jack Del Rio's job.

Cliff Lee is the big ticker pitching free agent this off-season, but after him, Jake Westbrook and Ted Lilly stand to get overpaid. Not that these guys aren't good pitchers, it's that when there's a dearth of decent pitching, above-average starters will get paid like aces. And that's Lilly and Westbrook.

Alex Barron has been/is/will always be a gigantic waste of talent and space.

Kim Clijsters is quietly putting up a great US Open career. She has won 3 of the last 5 US Opens. It would have been nice to see what her career could have been without all the injuries she had.

The Diamondbacks say they have interest in Mike Hampton (remember him?) for the 2011 bullpen. What? Dude has pitched 191 innings in the past 3 years, including a whopping 1.2 IP this season. He ended both 2008 and 2009 with injuries, including rotator cuff surgery surgery after the 2009 season. His cumulative ERA for the 2008 and 2009 seasons is 5.12 I know people are desperate for pitching, but why not go whole hog and look into getting Catfish Hunter for your bullpen?

AAPTBNL Man of the Week. Watched the Philly-Green Bay game, and it's hard to think anybody else besides Clay Matthews deserves the award. Dude was everywhere on the field yesterday. His 7 tackles, 2 TFL 2 sacks and 1 PD don't do justice to the game he had. Seemingly in on every play, Matthews deserves the MOTW award.

And finally Dave & Buster's College Football Survey has stated that most people would skip a date to watch college football. So half of you would miss a chance for some nooky to watch a Missouri-Iowa State game. I love sports people, but....really?


blmeanie said...

that poll was taken in the south

Pete S said...

You're right about the Colts. It wouldn't surprise me if Manning gets hurt this year.

Joe Montana's son sure ain't his daddy. Clay Matthew's son looks better than his daddy (who was very good).

Good call on Alex Barron. He's Vernon Ghoulston on the other side of the ball. All the tools (and then some), none of the desire.

As for the survey, what does this girl look like, anyway?