Monday, September 27, 2010


Future Hall of Famer glove man Daivd Ortiz.
Leave it to the Jets to have a Stupidity Shadow on what should have been a great day. Yes, they beat a hated rival, but on the same day, 2 guys who should have been doing good things on the Jets, lit it up for other teams. Leon Washington, who the Jets gave up for a football tee in a trade with the Seahawks, ran back, not 1 kickoff, but 2, kickoff returns for TDs. And Danny Woodhead, who the Jets never gave a legitimate chance, helped ail the Patriots rushing woes, with a rushing TD, and 3 carries for 42 yards. Meanwhile, Joe McKnight, the guys they drafted is on the active non-football injury list. Nice.

OK, I am a little worried about Mariano Rivera. Just a little.

Why are the Carolina Panthers asking about Vincent Jackson. Don't you think he would help rookie QB, Jimmy Clausen a little?

I think Chris Johnson, by year 5 of his career, will be broke. He just doesn't have the body to take 30 carries a game. Tennessee is overusing him.

Brett Farve has a 60.3 QB rating. Think maybe you should have come to training camp maybe, Brett?

Homer Bailey did this last year too. The former no. 1 pick, sucked all hyear, then pitched well for the last month or so. if someone could train him to start the season as well as he finishes, he could really be worth the pick the Reds used on him.

In the "Are You Freakin' Kidding" news of the week, the Boston Globe's Nick Cafardo wrote this gem: If (Carlos) Lee can play first base for a National League team, David Ortiz could as well. Nick, you've seen Ortiz lately, yes?

OK, Michael Vick may have grown up a little. He's still not accurate, but he has shown that's "getting" the game a lot more than he used to.

New England really isn't the team it used to be. They don't make other teams fear them like they used to. Barely beating the Bills? Really?

For the AAPTBNL Man of the Week, it's gotta go to DeMarcus Ware. He pretty much singlehandedly willed the Cowboys to their first win. Check this: 6 tackles, 5 for losses, 3 sacks. He pretty much set up a tent in the Texans' backfield. Nicely done Mr. Ware.

And finally, in the bizarre news of the week, general disappointment, Yi Jianlian (6th pick in 2007 draft, 9.6 ppg, .403 shooting percentage, traded twice) was asked for some reason, abhout his preference in his sexual partner's preferred ethnicity. And this is what he had to say:

THREE YEARS into the NBA as well as the American life, Chinese basketball star Yi Jianlian doesn't seem to have changed who he was in terms of his views on love and marriage, as he gives a point-blank "No" when asked about whether he would consider a mixed marriage.
"I'll definitely marry a Chinese girl," the low-profile star blushes at the question. "And it is not about aesthetic stuff, I am just not that open to a mixed marriage."

Yi and the very passionate gynast pose in an all-Chinese occasion. No mixed races here.
OK, Yi. A touch prejudice, but whatever. And with the way you're playing in America, you may be back playing ball in China anyway and have you're pick of whichever Chinese lately floats your oddly bigoted butt.


blmeanie said...

what do Philip Rivers, Chad Henne, Mark Sanchez, Carson Palmer, Joe Flacco and (3-0) Matt Cassel all have in common?

They play QB in the NFL and are on teams having success so far or are considered good QBs...and have a completion % lower than Mike Vick.

Completion percentage used to be 50% or better was ok or better. Then the NFL game changed a bit and hitting short passes became the thing for a lot of teams. Not that the top guys can't throw deep but Brady, Brees, Matt Ryan etc. all kill you with accurate short passes.

In today's game completion % is like comparing pitchers W-L record as the sole measurement of ability.

I wouldn't mind seeing Ortiz play some 1B...would be worth it for the laughter...

Pete S said...

All things considered, the Jets' decisions were not all that bad when they made them. Washington had been injured and Woodhead was stuck behind better backs. In a way, it shows how deep the Jets are.

Good call on Chris Johnson, cause he is certainly headed for early retirement. It didn't take the Titans all that long to use up Eddie George, and he was a big boy.

Favre deserves all the trouble he's having. I am sooooooo glad. Looks like the figurative animals from that off-season circus Favre created for the second year in a row have turned on him. He's getting thrown around by defensive players every week. It's as if a circus elephant has Favre wrapped in his trunk and he's slamming him. Favre is the Sigfried and Roy of the NFL.

It will be worth watching how long Vick can stay at this level. He certainly has weapons to work with - this team's receivers are probably better than any receiving corps he had in Atlanta. Maybe Andy Reid was what he needed all along. Vick is still a deplorable person, though.

David Ortiz couldn't play 1st base for a little league team.

It's not about aesthetic stuff? What the heck does that mean? What an idiot. Oh yeah, he sucks, too.

blmeanie said...

Biggest mistake MLB ever made was:


ok, so I grew up watching DH baseball in Boston. Didn't know any better, 20 years of living in a NL town and while I get the argument of DH ball is more exciting etc. players in the shape of David Ortiz are allowed to continue to play longer than their bodies and all-around game should dictate. DH dilutes the game.

I'd still take Ortiz on my little league team though...

Agreed on Johnson, another back that will shine for too short a time...I guess they are expendable to some teams.

Favre - My wife grew up on Wisconsin and has long ago turned on him so it is a fun discussion for us and I always have to take the side of defending him. I do think I may get a pair of Lee jeans though, not sure why...

P-Cat said...

Good points guys. Still think that Vick needs to be more accurate, but point taken Meanie.