Monday, September 20, 2010


Way to early to worry, Jet's fans, but so far, after handing Shonn Greene the head rushing job, we see: 20 attempts, 3.5 ypc, 1 fumble lost and a long rush of 8 yards. Not what Ryan was hoping, I'm sure.

Before everyone anoints the post-prison Michael Vick the 2nd coming of Steve Young, everyone just chill out. Vick had a good day yesterday...against the Detroit Lions. And as for the Yahoo blogger who says he's never sen anything from Kevon Kolb—the dude threw for 750 yards in 2 games last year—including almost 400 yards against the Saints. And last I checked, in 8 years of football, Michael Vick's lifetime completion percentage is freakin' 53.9%. So, maybe, Vick wins the starting job, but let's not call the man Dan Marino just yet. MMM...kay?

So do you think Prince Fielder gets traded this off-season to the Rays for young pitchers in a deal that would make sense for everybody? Or rather, do you think it's more likely that Scott Boras turns Fielder's free agency into a circus, asking for ridiculous money for his client, dragging the process out, then but ultimately getting nothing more than what's reasonable?

Before everyone makes fun of Trent Edwards and his awful day, let's just remember the guy was sacked 4 times and hit 10 times. And in their infinite wisdom,  the Bills drafted CJ Spiller (1 rush, 3 yards) ahead of Bryan Bulaga, Maurkice Pouncey and etc. Poor guy has about 1 nanosecond of time to throw a pass before he gets hit. I say, blame Buffalo's management and not this poor schlub.

Seems a bit odd to me that Penn State is still ranked in the top 25. They beat up on Podunk State (Youngstown State), get manhandled by Alabama, then have a "meh" showing against Kent State. To me, that's not exactly Top 25 stuff. And seriously, how is Oregon not getting more love. 189 points in 3 games. Yes, i know it's New Mexico, Portland State and Tennessee, but still...189 points?

So, what the heck happened to the Padres. After cruising all year with amazing pitching, it seems like the entire team woke up and said....."wait, we're really in first?" then panicked. How else would you explain the fact that practically their entire rotation, which was lights out until about 2 weeks ago, now can't seemingly pitch better than my newborn daughter. No way the Padres bats save them, so their rotation is going to have to close strong to get to the playoffs.

To all the over-the-top Yankee fans, panicking that Rivera is done because he blew a save: You do realize Rivera has a 1.45 ERA (3rd lowest of his career). And a .821 WHIP (2nd lowest for his career). He's given up 2 HRS this season, his lowest for a season since 2005. People, relax.

To all the "experts" who predicted that this might be the year the Big East asserts itself in the BCS.....good prognosticating. UConn gets shown up by Temple. Pitt comes out of the gate losing to to the Mountain West Utah. Cincinnati has lost to NC State and Fresno State. Let's see how Big East leader, West Virginia represents against LSU this weekend.

For the AAPTBNL Man of the Week award, this week, it goes to the unheralded Jets front line, namely Sione Pouha and Mike Devito. When Kris Jenkins went out for the season, most of the football world smiled, thinking the Jets would be weaker up front. Au contraire. Devito and Pouha combined for 11 tackles yesterday, 10 solo, 2 TFL, and held the Patriots running game to 2.6 ypc. All against a much praised Patriots front 5. Great showing guys.

And finally...again, I'm not a politically correct guy...but creating a 14-acre mock-up of your favorite team in the middle of farmland, really the best way to show your fan loyalty?


blmeanie said...

Aren't you a mixed up fan? I thought it was NY/NJ law that if you like the Yankees it dictates you to be a Giants (football) fan yet I see post after post about the J-E-T-S Jets!

Pete S said...

LT looked pretty good Sunday. That's something.

You're right about Mike Vick...much ado about nothing.

I think the Bills will fire Chan Gailey sooner rather than later. They need a scapegoat to detract from the enormous mistake you pointed out...the last thing they needed was a speed back.

Penn State does not get as much love as Notre Dame from the pollsters, but they always seem to be ranked higher than is deserved.

I think the Jets have proved that missing one or two front line players on their defense does not mean that their defense becomes vulnerable. They are missing Jenkins and Revis isn't healthy either and they still spanked the Pats.

blmeanie said...

I think Mike Vick deserves a look, certainly if he stays healthy. He has his legs and his cannon is still there.
If he actually studies film and the playbook more than in his days in Atlanta he could be very good for somebody. Fans in Philly will be calling for him each and every week (not necessarily justified, but he is more fun to watch).

blmeanie said...

oh yeah, forgot to mention that the guy in front of Vick had one of those two "great" games last year against the Chiefs, owners of the 29th or 30th ranked defense depending on the metric you prefer. The other game was against the NO Saints, not the best D either but a mediocre 20th in yards or 25th in points allowed. I would say it isn't a slam dunk who will better lead the team to victories.

Pete S said...

Nobody has said Vick shouldn't get a look. The point is they shouldn't expect the guy to be a savior because he has never been all that good a QB.

blmeanie said...

agreed, savior is too strong.

What people around the country don't give proper credit to Vick for is while his yds/game and completion % are low by starting quarterback standards he has rushed for 50-60 yds per game as a pro. Once over 1000 yds and once very close (both years Dunn was over 1100 yds also). These aren't reflected in his poor QB ratings. He wins. 38-28 career record with some mediocre talent around him at times in Atlanta.

The sports talk radio last year on Vick here in Atlanta was about "how many teams could he be a starter for" - I think there are a number of teams right now that absolutely would benefit by having him as their starter.

Pete S said...

Vick had one of the best defenses in the NFL throughout his career. Look at the numbers. The sexy rushing numbers are misleading. At the end of the day, he rushed for a lot of yards because he could never read a defense and throw for greater yardage. Compare his numbers to Steve Young and you will understand what I am talking about.