Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Five

1. What will the Dallas Cowboys final record be?

2. Who was your World Series pick back in march?

3. Where does Carmelo Anthony end up?

4. Who is the most overrated player in the NFL?

5. So which logo is more offensive (if you find them offensive), Chief Noc-a-homa of the Braves (and his ladyfriend Princess Win-A-Lotta), or Chief Wahoo of the Indians?

(And if you want really racist, go here to check out Chief Wahoo's original design)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Why Do The Cowboys Stink?

The coaching.

Simply put, on paper, the Cowboys are world beaters. Jerry Jones designed them to win, and win now. They have a upper-tier quarterback, 3 quality running backs, a great wide receiving crew, great pass rushers, a super NT, and etc, etc, etc.

And yet, the are in line for a high draft picks. Explain?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What If The Yankees Miss On Cliff Lee?

Brian Cashman said yesterday that last winter’s moves weren’t his best off-season moves.

“I didn’t have a great winter last year,” the general manager said. “A lot of the things I wound up doing didn’t benefit us as much as I wish they would. Some didn’t benefit at all.” Readers of my writings know that to that I would have to say this: No duh.

Well, that was then and this is now. So what do the Yankees do this off-season. Pitching, Cashman said, is the most important area to address. Again: Duh.

Monday, October 25, 2010


This is ridiculous. There is no circumstance where there should be empty seats at a Yankee playoff game.

Sure, Miami got totally jobbed yesterday by the refs, but really, they lost the game before the blown call. 5 times in the red zone and 5 field goals? This game should have been 14-0 after 2 early Steeler turnovers left them deep in Steeler territory. But Miami played cautious and didn't go for it. It was all running against a tough Steeler run defense, or short, short passes. They deserved to lose.

There are a ton of "What do the Yankees do now? article, including Joel Sherman's. And to sum up, Sherman says what I said 3 months ago. Jeter should get a $15 million per contract for 3-4 years. Also, Sherman feels Jeter should be moved down in the batting order—again, something that I said should have been done back in June. Move Gardner to leadoff and Jeter to second. Unlike Sherman, though, I don't think the contract situation with Jeter and the Yankees will be all that big a deal. They both need each other.

How in the hell do the Ravens get only 1 sack against Ryan Fitzpatrick yesterday, when the Bills Demetrius Bell and have Cordaro Howard at right tackle?

I guess the genius label is off Josh McDaniel.

I guess the phenom label is off Chris Johnson. So far this season, he's had 3 games under 3 ypc. His ypc is down from 5.6 last year to 4.1 this year. He's still a dangerous back, but 2500 yards this season. Not gonna happen Chris.

Seriously.....can we just get a freakin' playoff system?

Funny thing about both the MLB playoff series. in each series, the better, more taleneted team lost. Both the Phillies and the Yankees, are, on paper, better teams. But neither showed up. And congrats to the Rangers and Giants for playing smart and hard. Should be a good World Series.

And because he is too lazy to think of any other topic in the world of sports, Mike Lupica bashes A-Rod again. As if the Yankees lost the series only because of A-Rod. Think the Cleveland Brown coaching staff had a good game plan against Drew Brees?

Is Ziggy Hood the first Steelers no. 1 draft pick bust since Troy Edwards? Starting to look that way after Aaron Smith went out with an injury and Hood still didn't get a huge amount of playing time.

And just stupid. "Smart Yankee fans know (that Jeter in a Red Sox uniform) would only help them." Please. Jeter had a down year and is getting older. yes. But he batted .270, which is 2nd highest for everyday AL shortstops. He scored 111 runs, 2nd in the AL and had the highest fielding percentage in the AL for shortstops. Now, of course, he is getting older and shouldn't be leading off. And he should def take off more days and DH some, but getting rid of him—idiotic.

For the AAPTBNL Man of the Week.....gotta be DeAngelo Hall. Any time a guy gets 4 INTs in one game—taking one to the house—he gets the Man award. Congrats Hall.

And player's opinion of the new illegal hit system the NFL putting in place.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Five

1. Joe Paterno feels that removing the face mask on helmet would cause players to not launch themselves and thus reduce helmet to helmet hits. How do you feel?

2. Who's the best pitcher in baseball right now?

3. Do you think their really will be a NFL work stoppage after the season?

4. Who wins the NCAA basketball tournament this year?

5. On Fox's coverage of the NLCS, they asked the question: "Which pitcher has the most strikeouts in his two first starts?" and McCarver didn't know, even though he caught those two games (Bob Gibson in 1968). IS that enough reason to fire him. (Hint: yes.) Also, McCarver recorded an album of songs......should he be fired from Fox Sports?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Mott Haven Pressure Cooker: The Future of the Yankee Rotation

As this playoff series has shown, the Yankees have a myriad of problems. Despite have 95 regular season wins; this is a team not too far from some serious mediocrity.

Begin with the aging core of the team. Jeter, A-Rod, Posada, and maybe Pettitte and Rivera—all of them view their best days in the rear-view mirrors. The 2011 Yankees rotation is Sabathia, Hughes and then, who? Is Posada done as a catcher? Is Jeter still a shortstop? Who takes over for Mo? All serious questions.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Is Andy Pettitte Really A Postseason Stud?

Andy Pettitte pitched one of the best games in the World Series anyone has ever seen. 1996, Game 5 against John Smoltz and the Braves. He had to be perfect—Smoltz only gave up 1 run that game—and he was, beating the Braves 1-0 and setting up the amazing comeback for the Yankees that year. It was a bravura performance and set up his reputation as a tough-as-nails postseason pitcher.

What everyone forgets is that Pettitte got shelled in Game 1 of that series, giving up 7 runs in 2.1 innings in a Braves blow-out of the Yankees.

Monday, October 18, 2010


This Aaron Francisco interception might be the best catch by anyone this season. Except for maybe this one.

Sticking with the Colts.....whatever happened to Anthony Gonzalez? Wasn't he supposed to be the next great Colts receiver. Is he really this injured?

What vat of nuclear waste did Cody Ross fall into, and what kind of superpowers did it give him?

Good move by the Dodgers and Ted Lilly coming to a 3-year contract. perfect fit for Lilly, and solid move by a team that needs a bit of stability.

Jason Campbell had a QB rating of 10 yesterday. That number again, is 10.

You think maybe those people bashing Kevin Kolb, maybe jumped the gun a bit?

Interesting point made recently by, where they say that the Royals should sell high on Wilson Betemit. Betemit, had a nice year, batting .297 and had a 141 OPS+ for the Royals, so, heck yes they should get whatever value they can get for him. One place they might want to shop him to—their cross-state rivals. The Cards could maybe use a utility-man guy who can play 3rd base, and back up a bunch of other spots, while batting pretty decently.

So it's the annual WTF?-fest known as the BCS standings. Of course, Boise State didn't crack the top 2 positions—those safely were given to national programs, Oregon and Oklahoma. Not that those 2 programs didn't necessarily deserve it—though Oregon hasn't really beat anybody of note (Stanford was waaaay overrated), and Oklahoma barely beat 3-3 Cincinnati. Just saying...wouldn't it be nice if this was settled once and for all...on the field rather than in a computer?

And as usual, we have the WTF-rankings of the week. Like why is Michigan State rated behind LSU. The Spartans beat 6-1 Wisconsin who just beat former no. 1 ranked Ohio State. They also pounded the 5-2 Michigan Wolverines. On the other hand, LSU, barely got by a crappy Florida team, barely beat Tennessee (2-4) beat an untested West Virginia team as well as a depleted North Carolina squad. So, again, the Tigers head of the Spartans? Makes no sense.

If this is true....the Royals can ask for the moon, and they just might get it.

You know...I actually prefer TBS's coverage of the playoffs to Fox's. Man I hate Tim McCarver, and I wish he'd retire and give his seat, to someone who actual can call a game and provide actually interesting analysis. Ron Darling....pls take Timmy's seat.

How the heck did i get this job?
The Cowboys need a new coach. I'm sorry, but if this roster can't win 2 games by this part of the's the coaching. So why exactly is his job "safe?"

Bill Cowher. A cowboy next season? Hmmmmmmmm.

Man of the Week. Colt McCoy. Sure he had 2 INTs, but in his first game as a pro, he had to play the nasty Steers Defense, by which, he got sacked 5 times and hit a billion more times. But ole Colt hung in there and went 23 for 33 and 281 yards with a TD. Overall a pretty not-so-bad debut.

And lastly...the Rangers having a ginger ale celebration rather than a champagne gala, so Josh Hamilton could participate...very class move. Way to get it right, guys.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

You Could Tell

The first pitch last night from CC Sabathia......something is wrong.

Sabathia is a hoss. A first-strike machine. Dominant.

Yesterday, after just one pitch, you could tell he was lost. His pitches were up, nowhere near where Posada was setting up. Just not repeating his delivery.

This season, over 50% of balls hit off Sabathia were ground balls. Last night, out of 15 batted balls, 3 were ground balls. The rest were fly balls or line drives.

Sabathia walked the first batter he saw, the .265 batting Elvis Andrus, and the only guy you really don't want to walk, as he is a threat to steal. He then went 3-1 to Young before he gave him a meat ball to drive to left-center. Sabathia walked 4 in 4 innings. He had less than 3 BB per 9 innings this season.

It's to the Yankees credit that they won when their ace lays an egg. But this is now too bad starts in a row—9 days apart. CC has to locate his fastball better and get ahead of the count. Texas can hit the ball—they led the majors in batting average this season—yet after an 0-1 count, their batting average as a team drops to .239. Getting ahead in the count matters that much, and usually, that's what CC is good at (and what Burnett has been so bad at this season).

Sabathia pitches game 5 back at the Stadium. It would be his first Yankee Stadium appearance this playoffs. Let's hope that at home, Sabathia can find himself and his delivery. If he can't though, it will be difficult to get to the World Series. And impossible to win it.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Five

1. If you were Browns head coach, would you start Colt McCoy—his first game—against the Pittsburgh Steelers?

2. Going into the final 4 of baseball, which ace would you want to have: Tim Lincecum, Cliff Lee, Roy Halladay or CC Sabathia?

3. After beating Oregon State and Virginia Tech, does Boise State have a legitimate shot at the no 1 spot in the BCS poll? What if they run the table?

4. Are you in favor of replay in baseball? Explain.

5. Were you the least shocked that sports agents—especially this cheeseball to the right—were giving money to high school athletes?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Yankees Need to Drop the Rangers Tout Suite

The Yankees need to shut the Rangers down quick.

And they can do it. The Yankees match up well against the Rangers. The Rangers don’t play well on the road, only winning 39 games outside of Arlington, and must play games 3 4, and 5 in a very hostile Bronx environment, where the Yankees swept the Rangers this season (albeit in April). The 4 Yankee starters slated to start have a collective 2.06 ERA against the 2010 Rangers.

One thing, though…Cliff Lee is slated to pitch game 3 and 7. There can be no game 7.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


After an extended weekend, let's go back over and see what's going on....

Downpour + lightning + wind = the way football is suppossed to be played. Not in a dome with air conditioning.

Oweee! Awwww, his arm hurts! Yeah, nice to see Farve has got his excuse for playing poorly all ready to go.

So America's pastime is not immune to the down economy. Baseball attendance has dropped for the 3rd year in a row and attendance is roughly where it was in 2004. But let me tip my hat to people who say you need to spend money to make money (by that, I mean me)—the top 2 teams attendance-wise are the Yankees and Phillies. Cleveland, who disposed of the 2007 team that was 1 game away from the World Series—Cliff Lee, CC Sabathia, Victor Martinez, Rafael Betancourt—was, unsurprisingly last in attendance. So once again; you spend money on the field...the fans will come.

Can someone tell me what happened to Carson Palmer. Once upon a time he was an upper echelon QB, mentioned in the same sentence with Tom Brady and Drew Brees; Right now though, he's 24th in completion percentage and 22nd in QB rating. Seriously...what happened? If he were in an Austin powers movie, I'd say he lost his mojo.

I normally like the Bronx Baseball Daily web site, but I have to say I disagree with the, pretty strongly on one article today. The article, "Time to stop sucking up to A.J. Burnett" essentially their article states that the Yankees made a mistake putting Burnett on the postseason roster and lining him up for game 4.

Then, there is the simplest argument of them all: Burnett is not the best the Yankees have ... With a 5.26 ERA on the season, and a 7.94 ERA in his final three regular season starts, Burnett should be out of contention for a starting spot. The Yankees mistakenly left Ivan Nova and Javier Vasquez off the roster, but they still have Dustin Mosely ... Now, of course you would not be comfortable putting Moseley on the mound in the ALCS. He, too, has an ERA of almost five, and he has never started a postseason game. However, as bad a case you could make for Moseley, it wouldn’t be very hard to make a worse case for Burnett. Bottom line: Neither Burnett or Moseley is fit for a postseason start, but if you really feel you need a fourth starter, Moseley would give you a better chance to win ... Although they likely don’t believe it, you will surely hear the Yankees sing the same song they have sang all year: “Burnett has great stuff, and he has potential to pitch a great game.” ... You need starters who give you a chance to win nearly 100% of the time. Burnett is not that guy, regardless of what he can do ... The Yankees made this decision without any regard to winning. They instead made this decision because they are afraid to hurt Burnett’s feelings. He will be here for another three years, and the Yankees don’t want to upset someone who will likely be essential to their future success.
Sorry, but I disagree. Burnett gives you the best chance. Mosely is never, and will never, be the talented pitcher that Burnett is. Burnett may be screwing up big-time lately, but ask anyone in the league and they will tell you he has some of the most electric stuff out there. Mosely is competent—a journeyman—but will/should never be a game 4 pitcher in the ALCS. Yes, Burnett is talented and mercurial. But I would take his 5.26 ERA over Mosely's 4.96 each and every time. He gives you the best chance to win.

And for the ugliest game of the year...and quite possibly the decade: Carolina vs. Chicago. Jimmy Clausen and Matt Moore combined for 14 for 32 with no TD and 3 INT. They averaged 1.9 yds a play. And they were the better team. Todd Collins and someone named Caleb Hanie (seriously) combined for 8 for 19 with 4 interceptions and no TD. They averaged 1.5 yards a play. Chicago won on a nice day by Matt Forte, but seriously, NFL Films....burn the film of this game.

So the Mets are interviewing a GM who led a team with a .398 winning percentage. Aim high, Metropolitans! Aim high!

I'll only say this about the whole supposed Tom Brady-Randy Moss feud. Randy, the day you start dating one of the top supermodels in the world—like Tom Brady is with Giselle—then you can make fun of how Brady looks.

The AAPTBNL Man of the Week: Ray Rice of the Ravens. In a nice win over the Broncos, Rice ran the ball 27 times for 133 yards and 2 TDs. The Broncos had no answer for the Rice man. Nice game, Ray.

And we really need this? Nobody needs this.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The 2010 Yankee Review and Playoff Preview

OK, now that the regular season is over, and the playoffs have yet to begin, let’s take a look back at the 2010 Yankees and see where they stand as a team and compare them to last season.

Monday, October 4, 2010


For the Bills to play as bad as they did, and to fail so completely as a team, requires years of institutional failure at the GM level. Terrible drafts, bad trades and poor coaching hires. The Bills truly need to evaluate themselves from top down.

Bills, after this season, two words. John Fox. Carolina will most likely let him go. Hire the man.

Congratulations to the Seattle Mariners who set a record for the lowest team batting average in franchise history. Incredibly, the Mariners had ONE player—Ichiro—who batted over .259. Zoinks. For a team that had playoff aspirations, things certainly fell apart in Seattle. 
Have to say, out of all the MLB playoff match-ups, the Texas Rangers-Tampa Rays series is one I'm looking forward to the most. Should be great stuff.

Penn State has some serious quarterbacking issues. Iowa's defense just made them look like high-schoolers.

More than ever, it seems obvious that the Brewers need to trade Prince Fielder for young pitching. Texas Rangers, imagine Hamilton and Fielder batting right after each other, and in front of Vlad. Tampa, you'd finally get the middle of the order threat you need. One of these trade should happen.

To Cowboys wide receiver, Roy Williams, who says that he is still a Pro Bowler.....ok, sure, whatever. Go prove it.

LeBron James says some of the negative coverage of him this summer—with the whole Decision 2010 Tour—was due to race. He doesn't explain how race figures into the general dislike of him—James was recently voted the Most Disliked Athlete. Charles Barkley's answer to LeBron: ""

In a couple of years, the Rams are going to be good. Real good.

I know the San Fran Giants are the hot team right now and they have a great team ERA, but I just can't see any team facing Oswalt, Hamels and Halladay in a series and winning.

Felix Hernanzez is the AL Cy Young. No debate. I don't care if he had 13 wins or 3 wins. The dude had 30 quality starts this season. 30. And he had a 2.21 ERA against over .500 teams. He wins the award, no debate.

For the AAPTBNL Man of the's gotta be Kyle Orton. No he didn't have dominating stats, 35 for 50, 341 yards, 2 TDs and 1 INT. Nice stats, but not stupendous. Until you consider that his team's running game—ignoring his 11 yards, was 8 yards on 17 carries. Oh, and he was sacked 6 times. and hit 11 times. So, considering the Titans were setting up camp in the Broncos backfield, the fact that Orton went out and single-handedly WAS the Broncos' offense, was manly. Nice job, Kyle.

The most irritating sports "personality" of all time, is unfortunately returning. After being fired from practically every job he's ever held, including his newspaper and ESPN, Stupid cable network Showtime is giving Steven A. Smith his own talk show. Why, Oh why? The guys has irritated and failed at every level he's been on. What do they think is going to happen this time?. Unless, Showtime is a master genius and this is just a ploy for them to sik Dexter on Steven A. Oh, god I hope so. * fingers crossed *