Monday, October 4, 2010


For the Bills to play as bad as they did, and to fail so completely as a team, requires years of institutional failure at the GM level. Terrible drafts, bad trades and poor coaching hires. The Bills truly need to evaluate themselves from top down.

Bills, after this season, two words. John Fox. Carolina will most likely let him go. Hire the man.

Congratulations to the Seattle Mariners who set a record for the lowest team batting average in franchise history. Incredibly, the Mariners had ONE player—Ichiro—who batted over .259. Zoinks. For a team that had playoff aspirations, things certainly fell apart in Seattle. 
Have to say, out of all the MLB playoff match-ups, the Texas Rangers-Tampa Rays series is one I'm looking forward to the most. Should be great stuff.

Penn State has some serious quarterbacking issues. Iowa's defense just made them look like high-schoolers.

More than ever, it seems obvious that the Brewers need to trade Prince Fielder for young pitching. Texas Rangers, imagine Hamilton and Fielder batting right after each other, and in front of Vlad. Tampa, you'd finally get the middle of the order threat you need. One of these trade should happen.

To Cowboys wide receiver, Roy Williams, who says that he is still a Pro Bowler.....ok, sure, whatever. Go prove it.

LeBron James says some of the negative coverage of him this summer—with the whole Decision 2010 Tour—was due to race. He doesn't explain how race figures into the general dislike of him—James was recently voted the Most Disliked Athlete. Charles Barkley's answer to LeBron: ""

In a couple of years, the Rams are going to be good. Real good.

I know the San Fran Giants are the hot team right now and they have a great team ERA, but I just can't see any team facing Oswalt, Hamels and Halladay in a series and winning.

Felix Hernanzez is the AL Cy Young. No debate. I don't care if he had 13 wins or 3 wins. The dude had 30 quality starts this season. 30. And he had a 2.21 ERA against over .500 teams. He wins the award, no debate.

For the AAPTBNL Man of the's gotta be Kyle Orton. No he didn't have dominating stats, 35 for 50, 341 yards, 2 TDs and 1 INT. Nice stats, but not stupendous. Until you consider that his team's running game—ignoring his 11 yards, was 8 yards on 17 carries. Oh, and he was sacked 6 times. and hit 11 times. So, considering the Titans were setting up camp in the Broncos backfield, the fact that Orton went out and single-handedly WAS the Broncos' offense, was manly. Nice job, Kyle.

The most irritating sports "personality" of all time, is unfortunately returning. After being fired from practically every job he's ever held, including his newspaper and ESPN, Stupid cable network Showtime is giving Steven A. Smith his own talk show. Why, Oh why? The guys has irritated and failed at every level he's been on. What do they think is going to happen this time?. Unless, Showtime is a master genius and this is just a ploy for them to sik Dexter on Steven A. Oh, god I hope so. * fingers crossed *


blmeanie said...

Didn't you hear? The Bills failures are on purpose and part of a conspiracy to help the Pats win as many games as possible...the Pats almost blew it last week.

Why in this day and age aren't teenage Ichiro type Asian players being found and recruited to MLB? Why did we lose x years of his career stat wise to Japan? Is it only about money/posting fees?

Does Texas have young pitching to send to Milwaukee? More likely I see the RedSox making a run on Fielder. He would be the next Papi.

Lebron is getting some seriously bad advice from someone lately. I think he transcends race to some degree. Why would he think the negativity was race related?

I didn't even know Roy Williams was on the PBA, I stopped watching pro-bowling back in the 70's :)

The Phillies are playing with the era's legacy, sometimes that can make you crap the bed...see 1990's Braves.

Wait, Stephen A. Smith, Lebron playing a little race card...maybe I know who Lebron's secret adviser is...

Travis said...

Nothing has been said by the club obviously, but the general feeling is that Vlad will not be asked back to the Rangers next season. Which would be even more of a reason to bring in Fielder. The Rangers still have quite a few pitching prospects.

Out of all of the knuckleheaded wide receivers, Roy Williams might just top the list. His talent never matched his mouth.

Totally agree about Felix Hernandez. He should win it, and I think he actually might.

blmeanie said...

my comment about the Rangers wasn't meant to mean they don't have young pitching but that with Ryan somewhat running the show do you envision him/them unloading top ranked pitching prospects to get Fielder? I don't.

Travis said...

Well I never imagined the Rangers would trade Blake Beavan (and Justin Smoak), and they did. Admittedly, that was for Cliff Lee and not a hitter. So, I won't say the Rangers wouldn't pull the trigger on a trade like that. I could easily see them trading someone like Derek Holland or Tanner Scheppers for Fielder.

Although, I do agree that they probably won't do it.