Tuesday, October 12, 2010


After an extended weekend, let's go back over and see what's going on....

Downpour + lightning + wind = the way football is suppossed to be played. Not in a dome with air conditioning.

Oweee! Awwww, his arm hurts! Yeah, nice to see Farve has got his excuse for playing poorly all ready to go.

So America's pastime is not immune to the down economy. Baseball attendance has dropped for the 3rd year in a row and attendance is roughly where it was in 2004. But let me tip my hat to people who say you need to spend money to make money (by that, I mean me)—the top 2 teams attendance-wise are the Yankees and Phillies. Cleveland, who disposed of the 2007 team that was 1 game away from the World Series—Cliff Lee, CC Sabathia, Victor Martinez, Rafael Betancourt—was, unsurprisingly last in attendance. So once again; you spend money on the field...the fans will come.

Can someone tell me what happened to Carson Palmer. Once upon a time he was an upper echelon QB, mentioned in the same sentence with Tom Brady and Drew Brees; Right now though, he's 24th in completion percentage and 22nd in QB rating. Seriously...what happened? If he were in an Austin powers movie, I'd say he lost his mojo.

I normally like the Bronx Baseball Daily web site, but I have to say I disagree with the, pretty strongly on one article today. The article, "Time to stop sucking up to A.J. Burnett" essentially their article states that the Yankees made a mistake putting Burnett on the postseason roster and lining him up for game 4.

Then, there is the simplest argument of them all: Burnett is not the best the Yankees have ... With a 5.26 ERA on the season, and a 7.94 ERA in his final three regular season starts, Burnett should be out of contention for a starting spot. The Yankees mistakenly left Ivan Nova and Javier Vasquez off the roster, but they still have Dustin Mosely ... Now, of course you would not be comfortable putting Moseley on the mound in the ALCS. He, too, has an ERA of almost five, and he has never started a postseason game. However, as bad a case you could make for Moseley, it wouldn’t be very hard to make a worse case for Burnett. Bottom line: Neither Burnett or Moseley is fit for a postseason start, but if you really feel you need a fourth starter, Moseley would give you a better chance to win ... Although they likely don’t believe it, you will surely hear the Yankees sing the same song they have sang all year: “Burnett has great stuff, and he has potential to pitch a great game.” ... You need starters who give you a chance to win nearly 100% of the time. Burnett is not that guy, regardless of what he can do ... The Yankees made this decision without any regard to winning. They instead made this decision because they are afraid to hurt Burnett’s feelings. He will be here for another three years, and the Yankees don’t want to upset someone who will likely be essential to their future success.
Sorry, but I disagree. Burnett gives you the best chance. Mosely is never, and will never, be the talented pitcher that Burnett is. Burnett may be screwing up big-time lately, but ask anyone in the league and they will tell you he has some of the most electric stuff out there. Mosely is competent—a journeyman—but will/should never be a game 4 pitcher in the ALCS. Yes, Burnett is talented and mercurial. But I would take his 5.26 ERA over Mosely's 4.96 each and every time. He gives you the best chance to win.

And for the ugliest game of the year...and quite possibly the decade: Carolina vs. Chicago. Jimmy Clausen and Matt Moore combined for 14 for 32 with no TD and 3 INT. They averaged 1.9 yds a play. And they were the better team. Todd Collins and someone named Caleb Hanie (seriously) combined for 8 for 19 with 4 interceptions and no TD. They averaged 1.5 yards a play. Chicago won on a nice day by Matt Forte, but seriously, NFL Films....burn the film of this game.

So the Mets are interviewing a GM who led a team with a .398 winning percentage. Aim high, Metropolitans! Aim high!

I'll only say this about the whole supposed Tom Brady-Randy Moss feud. Randy, the day you start dating one of the top supermodels in the world—like Tom Brady is with Giselle—then you can make fun of how Brady looks.

The AAPTBNL Man of the Week: Ray Rice of the Ravens. In a nice win over the Broncos, Rice ran the ball 27 times for 133 yards and 2 TDs. The Broncos had no answer for the Rice man. Nice game, Ray.

And finally......do we really need this? Nobody needs this.


Andy7 said...

We all but assured of another Yankees - Phillies World Series?

Pete S said...

I agree with you on Favre, he looked like he was faking the pain in his arm during the game. He's become a poser and I have lost respect for him.

Palmer has not recovered from that injury yet. It's a shame, because he has weapons.

You're right, P-Cat. The Yankees have no choice but to go with Burnett. He may even pitch well...who knows?

Randy Moss should not be commenting on anyone's looks, much less Brady. Does Moss' mansion lack mirrors?

Ray Rice is the key to that team. He allows them to play action effectively.