Monday, October 18, 2010


This Aaron Francisco interception might be the best catch by anyone this season. Except for maybe this one.

Sticking with the Colts.....whatever happened to Anthony Gonzalez? Wasn't he supposed to be the next great Colts receiver. Is he really this injured?

What vat of nuclear waste did Cody Ross fall into, and what kind of superpowers did it give him?

Good move by the Dodgers and Ted Lilly coming to a 3-year contract. perfect fit for Lilly, and solid move by a team that needs a bit of stability.

Jason Campbell had a QB rating of 10 yesterday. That number again, is 10.

You think maybe those people bashing Kevin Kolb, maybe jumped the gun a bit?

Interesting point made recently by, where they say that the Royals should sell high on Wilson Betemit. Betemit, had a nice year, batting .297 and had a 141 OPS+ for the Royals, so, heck yes they should get whatever value they can get for him. One place they might want to shop him to—their cross-state rivals. The Cards could maybe use a utility-man guy who can play 3rd base, and back up a bunch of other spots, while batting pretty decently.

So it's the annual WTF?-fest known as the BCS standings. Of course, Boise State didn't crack the top 2 positions—those safely were given to national programs, Oregon and Oklahoma. Not that those 2 programs didn't necessarily deserve it—though Oregon hasn't really beat anybody of note (Stanford was waaaay overrated), and Oklahoma barely beat 3-3 Cincinnati. Just saying...wouldn't it be nice if this was settled once and for all...on the field rather than in a computer?

And as usual, we have the WTF-rankings of the week. Like why is Michigan State rated behind LSU. The Spartans beat 6-1 Wisconsin who just beat former no. 1 ranked Ohio State. They also pounded the 5-2 Michigan Wolverines. On the other hand, LSU, barely got by a crappy Florida team, barely beat Tennessee (2-4) beat an untested West Virginia team as well as a depleted North Carolina squad. So, again, the Tigers head of the Spartans? Makes no sense.

If this is true....the Royals can ask for the moon, and they just might get it.

You know...I actually prefer TBS's coverage of the playoffs to Fox's. Man I hate Tim McCarver, and I wish he'd retire and give his seat, to someone who actual can call a game and provide actually interesting analysis. Ron Darling....pls take Timmy's seat.

How the heck did i get this job?
The Cowboys need a new coach. I'm sorry, but if this roster can't win 2 games by this part of the's the coaching. So why exactly is his job "safe?"

Bill Cowher. A cowboy next season? Hmmmmmmmm.

Man of the Week. Colt McCoy. Sure he had 2 INTs, but in his first game as a pro, he had to play the nasty Steers Defense, by which, he got sacked 5 times and hit a billion more times. But ole Colt hung in there and went 23 for 33 and 281 yards with a TD. Overall a pretty not-so-bad debut.

And lastly...the Rangers having a ginger ale celebration rather than a champagne gala, so Josh Hamilton could participate...very class move. Way to get it right, guys.


Pete S said...

Pierre Garcon made that catch, but he dropped one earlier that was right in his bread basket. I could have caught it. He's one of those guys that makes the tough ones and drops the "gimmes."

Andy Reid has an enviable problem...two QB's that can play and have compimentary strengths. It gives him options, like if Vick hangs around Marvin Harrison in Philly and get arrested, he can put in Kolb.

I always liked Lilly, and wish the Yanks had him for Game 4.

P-Cat, the BCS makes me sicker every year. What a scam.

Thank you for pointing out how annoying McCarver is...I actually loved it when Deion Sanders showered him with champagne.

Wade Phillips ain't Bum Phillips, that's for sure.

Great post, P-Cat.

Travis said...

Yeah, Anthony Gonzalez is hurt that often. he basically missed all of last year, and this year. Well besides playing in the season opener of both.

I've seen Oklahoma play plenty, and I don't know how they don't have 1-2 losses already. They *barely* beat Utah State. Utah State!

Wade will probably be gone after this season, but unless they really money whip a big name coach none of them will come here. It is said so often here, it has become a joke, but: until Jerry Jones the owner fires Jerry Jones the GM the Cowboys will remain the same.

Coaches aren't allowed to bring in their own coaching staff, and almost no say in personnel decisions.