Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Five

1. Are you in favor of replay in baseball. Some limited use of it? Total replay? Explain.

2. Would you want Randy Moss on your team?

3. Here's the list of's Top 100 players of all time. State your point of view.

4. Which college is the best "Tech" college. Georgia? Texas? Virginia? Cal? Another one?

5. Which college not named for a state or city is the best overall? Stanford? Auburn? Notre Dame? Army?


Travis said...

1. Yes, I am all about getting it right. I would limit it though, keep it for home runs like they do now, and maybe expand it to safe or out on the bases,

2. Nope.

3. So they have the league's all-time leading rusher at 28? Ridiculous. Marino who never had a running game at 25? Heck I spend all day picking it apart.

4. Georgia Tech. Football national championship(s), and 2 Final Four appearances works for me.

5. Notre Dame

Pete S said...

1. Limited use to determine home runs and maybe plays at the plate would be helpful and improve the game. However, there is a human element to the game that would be lost if replay were used on more than a limited basis. Umpires are human just like the players should be kept that way.

2. While his talent is unbelievable, he clearly doesn't play hard all the time. If you can't trust that a player will give his all blocking and running routes hard all the time, it's probably not worth having the player around.

3. I think the panel did a good job overall, but Terry Bradshaw was way too high and there were a few players that were omitted that I thought deserved to be on the list. It's a tall order to whittle down all the great players into just 100.

4. I'll go with Georgia Tech. They are nationally competitive at baseball, football, and basketball just about every year.

5. Stanford or Syracuse if they could just get their football program up a notch.

blmeanie said...

1- yes, use including safe/out calls, fair/foul, hr/no hr

2 - been there, done that, worked for a while, getting too old, less productive now for the crap you put up with too.

3 - not sure where Travis would put Marino though...while I acknowledge his passing ability (great) he did have talent around him lots of years and also had one of the best coaches for most of his career, so the question remains, why only 1 SB appearance?

4 - Georgia Tech probably because of the ability to pop up into top of rankings in both football and basketball in any given year. Dominant baseball team every year too and the Varsity is right there on campus too!

5- I'd say Duke