Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Five

1. Which young QB would you want? Matt Ryan. Joe Flacco. Mark Sanchez. Matt Stafford?

2. Would you pay 20 million per for Carl Crawford?

3. Are the Browns for real?

4. Are you taking any pleasure in the Miami heat's struggles?

5. What percentage of college football player do you believe get illegal benefits (grades, money)?


Pete S said...

1. Matt Ryan
2. No. He's a nice player, but $20 million is too much.
3. The Browns are a year or 2 away from being serious contenders. They played a tough schedule and have held their own.
4. A little...they acted as though 70 wins was a lock before they played a single game.
5. Money, I would say 25% because only the NFL prospects would attract the attention of those who would pay a player. As for grades, I would say that 80% of the players have papers written for them or receive better grades than they deserve so they can remain eligible.

blmeanie said...

1- Ryan (brains beats arm strength most of the time)
2- no, $15m maybe
3- no opinion
4- yep, they will improve and beat middle and weak teams all year. Crunch time with their 3 other players (weaker) will be interesting in the end of the season
5- 1-2%, elite only and not beyond top 15 type teams

Travis said...

1. Ryan
2. Nope
3. I've seen this from the Browns (and Bengals) before. Lets see if they can start a season strong.
4. You betcha.
5. Benefits of any kind? 90%+.