Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Five

Time to answer some sports questions......

1. What terms do you think the Yankees and Derek Jeter will finally agree to?

2. Which baseball player had the best mustache?

3. OK, you have to pick the all-time basketball team to beat alien invaders and save the earth. Who are your starting 5 guys?

4. Is all this hub-bub about Cam Newton cheating and etc, going to matter one bit in his career?

5. Is this the worst play you've ever seen by an athlete? If not, what was the worst?


P-Cat said...

OK, I'll go first.

1. I say 4 years at about 15 per.

2. You see Sal Fasano next to this question. Him or Larry Milbourne.

3. Wilt Chamberlain, John Stockton, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Oscar Robertson. I know, a little guard heavy, but Oscar shot 48% for his career, Stockton shot 52%, so did Magic, Wilt shot 54% and Jordan shot 50%. Good shooters all, and the 4 guards average 36 assists a game, and Wilt led the league in assists once just to show he could. Wilt is the all-time rebounder and Magic averaged 7 himself, and Oscar has 12.5 one season. All-around a solid team. We beat the martians.

4. Not. One. Bit.

5. If not, this is a close second. Still say Jose Canseco giving up a home run by bouncing a fly ball off his head is the winner.

Travis said...

1. I was gonna say 3 years, not idea the dollars though.

2. Didn't really follow the facial hair that closely...

3. I have Magic and Michael as well. I also have Shaq, Bird, and Karl Malone

4. Nope.

5. I think it is.

Pete S said...

1. 3 years at $17 million per.
2. Rollie Fingers had that curly thing going.
3. Jordan, Magic, Bill Russell, Bird and Karl Malone. I would have said Wilt, but I went for defense.
4. It could effect his draft status to a small extent. However, if a guy who electrocutes dogs can play, why not someone who cheats?
5. Jim Marshall of the Vikings picking up a fumble and running to the wrong end zone.

blmeanie said...

1 - 3 years with an option of some sort after that, $14m per

2 - Rollie, hands down

3 - Jordan, Russell, Magic, Bird, McHale *edit after reading your responses - debate on Malone vs. McHale ; I thought of Malone, felt McHale was more unstoppable offensively and had edge

4 - not in his career, team will lose a few victories

5 - pretty amazing, was he trying to get cute with using his left foot at that angle?

Pete S said...

I disagree with your McHale assessment. Karl Malone (besides being a top 5 scorer in history) could take it outside and was a post scorer as well. McHale was a bottomless pit in the post and, in looking at the rest of the players around him and their respective abilities to score, do you really want McHale? He was one dimensional. Malone could guard people and run the floor.

blmeanie said...

He was one dimensional. Malone could guard people and run the floor.

really? Not sure you really can believe that. McHale was a shut down forward/center that was assigned the best non-guard whenever he came in.

Malone had very little help other than brilliant feeds from Stocton, there were no other significant offensive threats during his career. He was the best and obvious choice to funnel the offense through. With that said he was a tremendous player. Given we agree on the other 4 of Jordan, Magic, Russell and Bird having a defensive stopper that was a low post scoring machine (Mchale) fits. You happen to believe Malone was a defensive stud, I don't. Malone was named all-defensive team 3 times and 2nd team once. McHale was named all-defensive 3 times and 2nd team 3 times. Mchale played on much better teams, given, stats suffered in part because of that. If McHale declined to play against the aliens, I'd look at Malone next, not a huge gap but I'd still take McHale.

Pete S said...

Nonsense. McHale was one of the most selfish players in NBA history, hence his nickname "the Bottomless Pit.". All defensive team came because of his ability to block shots. With Russell on this team, there is no need for that.

I never said Malone was a defensive stud. You did and then decided to split hairs with All NBA defensive player awards. Please make an argument based on what you read, not what you infer. Malone was a better player and a better fit for the team I chose. He was stronger than McHale on the defensive end (meaning, you cannot have post position because I will take it from you by force.) and a much better scorer. You can always make the better team argument, but the numbers are not even close.

It's fine to be a fan, but be realistic. You don't need two low post shot blockers on the same team, particularly when Russell was one of the absolute best of all time. McHale doesn't even sniff an All-Time team. I'd rather have Rodman, because this team does not need a selfish, slow player.