Tuesday, November 9, 2010

So Cam Newton Cheated on Some Tests...well duuuuh.

So Everybody's All-American and probably Heisman Trophy winner, Cam Newton allegedly cheated on some tests. Really....wow! I am shocked!

Come on. in the biggest open lie since John Gotti claimed to be an electrician", the news that college sports is not on the up-and-up, and that "student-athletes" are really not "students" shouldn't come to a shock to anyone.

And for the most part, does anyone really care? This is the main point. Not that he cheated, or stole computers or whatever. It's does anyone really care. ESPN will lead it on their front page and the NCAA will promise a "full investigation" and Auburn might have to forfeit a few wins. But Cam will leave for the NFL and nothing important will really happen.

And you know why? Because nobody wants the system to change. The fact that these "student-athletes" don't go to class, get paid under the table, and are bulletproof when they break university (and in some cases, societal,) laws is just par for the course in the system we have today.

And for the right people, the system works. The Universities, the networks, the promoters and the cities that get bowl games—all of them get truckloads of money off the "student-athlete" system. So the system stays as is.

And everyone once in a while, a player will get busted for not attending classes. Or for accepting money from an agent. Or for stealing answers. Or a computer. Or whatever. And the NCAA will act shocked and start an investigation. And ESPN will make a big stink of it for a couple of days. But nothing will happen. Just ask Reggie Bush.

Come on. Everyone knows that this is the way the system works. Heck, people expect athletes to not do real college schoolwork. Or to be paid some under-the-table cash. Really; if an athlete of Cam Newton's ability generates the kind of money he does—for CBS, for Auburn, for the BCS bowl system—why would he not want some of what he generated? And really, would he want to go to a Calculus class on Monday morning? Why would he, when he clearly knows he's a first round pick whenever he comes out?

This is not to condone Newton's actions. This is just to say: Stop pretending to be shocked and outraged whenever a collegiate athlete is caught acting in this manner. With the system in place now for student-athletes, this kind of behavior goes on all the time and everyone knows it. And it will keep happening until the system changes.

Don't hold you breath waiting for that.


Pete S said...

As you point out, there's way too much money at stake to make sweeping changes. Enforcement alone would be a daunting and expensive undertaking.

The reason the rampant rules violations don't bother me all that much is that most student athletes actually do go to class and get an education. For every football and basketball player who takes money and doesn't go to class, there are 10 swimmers, divers, and softball players who do go to class and work hard to balance the demands of their sport with the demands of their degree program.

You're absolutely right about the feigned indignation that the NCAA shovels when these athletes get caught doing something wrong. It's annoying.

IntheOT said...

Yeah no kidding. Who cares. Everyone cheats in college. Even the kids getting MBA's. They cheat in their actual careers after the fact robbing people of money on Wall Street. What about the lawyers who charge us obscene amouts of money to look at them? And vouceh for criminals trying to get them off even when they are know they are guilty.

Our whole society is laced with cheating. I cant stand how athletes get singled out more than others.