Tuesday, November 2, 2010


So Minnesota. How is the Randy Moss reunion working out?

The officiating for the Indy-Houston game last night was awful. Just aw-ful. They spotted a ball a good YARD away from where Andre Johnson was tackled in the 2nd quarter. Then they called pass interference on Anthony Gonzalez when he didn't even touch the cornerback. I'm not a huge proponent for video replay, but the NFL does need to do something to get the officiating better.

I'm sorry, but those Miller Light commercials where they have a pretty young bartender calling out regular guys for not ordering Miller life....the most annoying commercials of the football season so far.

LeBron says he would now do "The Decision differently now. He also did a self-pitying Nike commercial. Which one do you believe?Isn't that nice?

Congrats to Brett "The little outfielder who could" Gardner. Brett won the Bill James Award for Best Defensive Left Fielder in all of baseball. Along with Curtis Granderson who came in 8th for all Center fielders, the Yankees have a decent fielding outfield. A far cry from when the Yankees had Johnny "Chicken wing" Damon and Bobby "I wont run near the outfield wall" Abreu.

Interesting article in the Daily News—which honestly, carries as much weight in its speculation as my mother—but interesting nonetheless. Apparently, the Yankees and Cashman think so much of Eduardo Nunez, the AAA shortstop, that they plan for him to take over at shortstop as soon as 2011. The Yankees would then move Jeter to 3rd and make Alex Rodriguez to permanent DH. The plan makes sense. Jeter would have less ground to cover and Rodriguez would have less wear and tear on his hip. Now, let's just see if Nunez can make good on the promise his talent lends him.

You know, right now it's Auburn vs. Oregon for the potential title game. That said: I'd rather see a Ohio State-Nebraska team. Yes, I know, they have one loss apiece, but I'd think its be a much more interesting game. With 2 better teams.

How exactly is Notre Dame ranked 5th in recruiting? I know they have a storied program. But they've won exactly Poo-Poo + Doo-Doo in over 20 years. Since 1995, they've had exactly 4 kids drafted in the first round. So what gives? Why would 4 or 5-star recruits go to that place? Boggles my mind.

As I've written before, Considering that Baseball welfare gives San Diego about 80 million dollars before they sell one ticket, the fact that they probably wont resign hometown kid, Adrian Gonzalez is a frickin' embarrassment.

Interesting point by Peter King this week: After Wes Welker, the next 5 receiving leaders on the patriots didn't play with Tom Brady last year. Arron, Hernandez (rookie), Brandon Tate (no catches last year), Deion Branch (Seattle), Danny Woodhead (NY Jets), Rob Gronkowski (rookie). Amazing—a testimony to the coaching staff and, as much as I hate to say it, to Tom "Justin Bieber all growed up" Brady.

Giants GM Brian Sabean said he is not open to trading Barry Zito. Right, as if someone would take him. A slooooooow-ball guy who needs to be perfect in spotting the ball to be effective. Was left off the postseason roster. And only in the 4th year of a 126 million dollar deal—exactly who would trade for him? Especially in this economic market? Thanks for letting us know Barry won't be going anywhere, Brian.

This week's Man of the Week award, should be called Men of the week: the Detroit Lions defense. Yes, the much-maligned Lions actually deserve an award. Get this. 7 sacks, 11 tackles for loss, 12 QB hits, 1 INT and 1 fumble recovery for a TD. Good work boys and a good sign of things to come.

And finally, an oldie, but a goodie.


Pete S said...

Randy Moss may end up back with the Pats because of all this. Wow.

LeBron's commercial was idiotic. He really needs to shut p and play now. He made his stupid statement, now he needs to go and win games.

I think Boise State deserves a shot. They are going to be the next Utah by thumping a team in their bowl game but getting no love for it.

ND has a lot of resources. The National TV deal doesn't hurt either. Can you imagine the recruiting visits? "Yes, Tommy, you will be watched by 50,000,000 people every week. Not only that, but since we're God awful, you'll play right away."

I had a lotta diarrhea...classic.

Travis said...

I dunno, Nebraska's loss was a bad loss at home to a barely .500 Texas team. Off on a tangent, but I really can't wait for the Utah-TCU game this weekend.

Lebron is an idiot, but unfortunately I think in 2 years he will be just as popular as he was before.