Monday, November 8, 2010


Have to start with....if anyone was lucky enough to watch the Michigan-Illinois game on Saturday like I was....well you just watched one of the all-time most funnest games of your life.

Honestly, what do non-BCS teams have to do. TCU went out and laid a pasting on #5 Utah at Utah. Meanwhile Auburn sleepwalks against Chattanooga, yet TCU still is stuck at number 3.Basically, there is no chance ever that a non-BCS team will ever play in a championship game unless college football goes to a playoff system. How do you like the taste of that, TCU, Boise State and all non-BCS football programs?

The Jets were very lucky on Sunday. If Detroit runs a simple running play instead of missing a pass play and stopping the clock with about 1:55 left to play, and Julian Peterson doesn't make a ridiculous personal foul, then the Jets don't have enough time to move the ball down field and win the game. And not that mark Sanchez is Curt Warner type accurate, but Man, do the Jets receivers have to put some glue on their hands. Catch something please guys.

Good article by explaining why the Mets hired J.P. Riccardi. Yes, the article explains, Riccardi completely blew when it came to signing free agents, but year after year, the Blue Jays under Riccardi produced excellent drafts. And the Mets didn't hire him for his free agent signing services, they hired him to evaluate talent. Good move Metros and nice article

No big surprises as Newsday rates the current free agent crop and predicts where each of them will sign. No surprises except the fact that Newsday rates Mariano Rivera as the 16th best free agent behind the likes of Johnny Damon and Javier Vasquez. Really?

Hey Wade, your front porch rocking chair is calling.

Pro Football Weekly rates Bill Belichek as the Coach of the Year so far, but I might Mike McCarthy a vote. With Ryan Grant, Al Harris, Mike Neal, Brad Poppinga and all the other injuries (Donald Driver, etc—heck rookie free agent Frank Zombo started at linebacker yesterday), and trying to protect his QB with an ancient pair of tackles and a rookie, McCarthy not only has the packers at 6-3, but the Packers 3 losses are by a combined total of 9 points. 2 of those games were overtime losses and the Bears losses came on a late 4th quarter fumble. Overall, not too bad a job, and the Packers lead in the NFC North.

Anyone watch that Zenyatta horse go for its 20th win a row Saturday. Me neither.

As I've said for the past 2 years, don't be surprised if the Red Sox deal Jonathan Papelbon. That said, who would take him? 8 blown saves, 3.90 ERA, 1,27 WHIP, all highs for his career. The time to trade him might have been last off-season.

And for the "Really?" news of the week. Really?

And for AAPTBNL Man of the Week, you have to go with Peyton Hillis, the former 7th round draft pick of the Broncos. Against the 6-1 Patriots, all Hillis did is run the ball 29 times for 184 yards and 2 TDs ( a 6.3 average YPR). He also caught 3 passes for 36 yards. Congrats Peyton, you are now on the map in the NFL.

And finally, Sparky......we'll miss you.


Pete S said...

Non-BCS schools have no choice but to try and get into a major conference. It's sad.

Totally agree about the Jets receiving corps. Sanchez seems to have problems with out patterns (like almost all young QB's), but Tomlinson wasn't even looking on one play when Sanchez delivered the ball to him. If they don't improve, their defense may start to wear down because they'll be on the field too much.

Mariano is worth more than Damon and Vasquez combined.

I thought Gailey would be the first coach fired this year, but Philips beat him out with this latest display of awful play from his team.

I think Coughlin deserves some consideration for coach of the year because the Giants were in 16th on the power rankings at the start of the season and they may be the best team in the NFC now.

Papelbon is moving in the same direction as Joba.

I'm so tired of Tim Tebow.

blmeanie said...

Sparky Anderson was as ol' school as they get. His type are falling by the wayside. I always thought he was a great manager.