Monday, November 29, 2010


Been a while. Let's catch up.....

I'll say it: Cortland Finnegan is a jerk.

I've had enough of this Jeter contract crap. Everyone knows he's signing with the Yankees. let's move on to actual sports, OK?

I will say this. I could not disagree more with this. The reason the Yankees are playing hardball with Jeter is A: Jeter doesn't deserve 4 years at 23 per. Not even close. And B: the Yankees could use the money they save with Jeter to pay Cano, Hughes, Lee and whoever. You can't just dump money into Jeter's pocket and move on and not have it affect the team.

Yes, I am this petty. I love the fact that the Heat are bombing so far.

By all accounts Randy Shannon was a good guy. But with all the talent that Miami rakes in each just can't be 6 over .500 in 4 years.

Is Kevin Love the MVP so far? Probably not, but you could make a case for a guy 19 points and 15 boards.

The forecast has TCU playing Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl. That's the game I want to see come BCS bowl time.

Lotsa luck, Florida.

Let me get this straight. TCU is joining the Big East? Why are their conferences with names like that. Colorado in the Pacific Athletic League. A team in Texas joining the Big East. Just silly.

Matt Ryan, 24 for 28.....nice.

Always great to see Nadal play Federer. Up there in my opinion with Chamberlain/Russell, Ohio State/Michigan, Duke/North Carolina and Yankees/Red Sox best rivalries

If the Niners lose again this season, Mike Singletary gets canned. Seriously, he needs to win out.

OK, AAPTBNL Man of the Week goes to Jay Cutler. Cutler has been eviscerated since forcing a trade from Denver. And not undeservedly so. But wow, has he come back. Against a good defense last night, Cutler went 14 for 21, with ) INTs and 4 TDS. So almost a 3rd of his passes went for TDs. Nice, Jay. Very nice.

And finally, I'm not as big a fan of the Coors Light press conference mashups, and I'd have probably put in one of those Miller Light commercials from the 80s. Like this one.


Pete S said...

I am happy that the NFL didn't suspend Andre Johnson or Finnegan for the fight. Obviously, Finnegan was talking smack, and Johnson got fed up and smacked him around. Simple. Eject them from the game and move on. Bravo, NFL for not dragging this one out.

I have read Jeter wants $24 million for 4 years. His camp needs to be reasonable.

The U always has a great recruiting class. They should be in the ACC Championship game just about every year and it isn't happening. It was an easy decision for the school.

At least TCU is located in the eastern half of Texas.

Travis said...

Well if Jeter thinks he is worth $23 mil per year, then go see who will offer him that much. See if any other team will even match the Yankees offer.

I love that the heat are going down in flames as well. Barely above .500.

Well, if Louisiana Tech can be in the WAC I guess TCU can be in the Big East.