Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday Five

1. If you were a Cavalier fan, would you have booed King James LeBron last night? Especially considering he did his silly "throw the powder" move last night in the faces of the Cleveland crowd?

2. If so, what would have been your clever and cutting shots at him?

3. How much would you pay Derek Jeter per year. How long would you sign him for?

4. If Auburn loses to the Gamecocks this week, should they still be in the BCS title game?

5. Should Qatar host the 2022 World Cup considering their population is about twice as few as the borough of Brooklyn?


blmeanie said...

1 - yes, why is there a question?

2 - I would nickname him Sonny to Wade's Cher. Two teamed up to great hype to end up relatively mediocre

3 - $12-15 for 3 max

4 - no

5 - love it, takes down the World Cup a bit doesn't it?

Pete S said...

1. I would have done more than boo.
2. Hey, $$#!@!@, nice record!
3. 3 years, $17 per
4. No way
5. As long as they can come up with the facilities, why not? However, the way women are treated in that country is awful, and I would not choose them as a host for that reason.