Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday Five

1. Will Urban Meyer coach college football again? If so, where?

2. If you were Cliff Lee, where would you decide to pitch?

3. Crawford goes to Boston. So does "Yo," Adian Gonzalez. Are they the favorites to win the World Series, now? What if the Yankees get Cliff Lee?

4. Does Vince Young play on another team next year? What about Albert Haynesworth?

5. Cleveland has "The Drive" and "The Decision." Buffalo has Nor-wide and Music City Miracle. Which city in America, has the worst luck, sports-wise. 


Travis said...

1. Yes. Where? No idea. Maybe USC once Kiffen gets canned.

2. I might be biased, but the Rangers...heheheh

3. I think the Giants have just as much of a chance to win as the Sox or Yankees.

4. They both play for another team next year. Now how much playing time they get is another matter.

5. Definitely Cleveland. No major sports championship since the '50s, right? And rarely even close.

blmeanie said...

1) yep, about 5 years from now after middle school aged child graduates HS, at ND.

2) Texas, no pressure

3) If I were running the odds in Vegas I'd put the Yankees/Sox even at about 3-1 odds, Philly slightly lower and the rest somewhere as longshots.

4) no, no

5) Cleveland probably

*edit - i just read Travis' response on #3, really? The Giants? Just on pitching? Really?

Pete S said...

1. Yes. I'll bet Tennessee would love to have him.

2. I'd go back to the National League. Philly.

3. No, I would say that the Giants should still be favored because, if the Rangers couldn't score on them last year, nobody can.

4. They won't cut him without an option besides Kerry Collins. I don'r see how Shanhan will agree to keep Haynesworth there.

5. Cleveland. Let's not forget Jordan knocking out a great Cavs team.

Travis said...

blmeanie: In trying to predict the World Series almost a year out? Sure I give them just as good a chance as anyone else.