Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday Five

1. Do you think Donovan McNabb deserves to be benched? Should he the QB next season?

2. What is the greatest rivalry in sports? Michigan-Ohio State? Red Sox-Yankees? Cowboys-Redskins? Lakers-Celtics? Something else?

3. L.A. Clippers owner is heckling his own player, Baron Davis, because Davis is playing poorly. Makes sense, or totally nuts?

4. How do you feel about this week's Vikings game being played outdoors in freezing, snowy conditions with the field having no ability to warm itself to "playable conditions?"

5. Is this the worst idea since "Skating with the Stars" or is it just me?


blmeanie said...

1 - yes, maybe he will get cut before next season, contract he signed was a joke.

2 -Sox/Yanks

3 - why not, he sucks as an owner, Davis should heckle back at him

4 - ok with me

5 - maybe just a little better than SWTS

Pete S said...

1. No, because that team is a mess and he can't fix it alone. He should be there next year.

2. Yankees Red Sox - a lot of history and a lot of hatred.

3. It's unprofessional and it will not motivate him in all likelihood.

4. Old gotta love it.

5. It's actually sillier than Skating With the Stars. Will they play Hot Tuna while they interview Parcells?