Friday, December 31, 2010

Friday Five

A little more pop quizzy today on the Five.

1. Name the five quarterback of the famous quarterback class of 1983.

2. Who did Bill Mazeroski hit his famous home run of 1960 World Series ending home run off of?

3. What about Bucky Dent? Who did he hit his playoff ending home run off of in 1978?

4. Who has appeared in the most Rose Bowls?

5. Which sports commercial is the most annoying?


blmeanie said...

1 - Kelly, Marino, Elway, Eason, can't remember the others

2 - Yankees :)

3 - Mike Torrez, thanks for the memory. Was in the 7th inning, wasn't the game winner though, just a lethal steak through the heart...

4 - Michigan?

5 - can't think of any right off the top

Happy New Year P-Cat

Travis said...

1. I think Todd Blackledge was also a part of the class.

4. USC is my guess

5. All of them :)

Happy new year to all