Thursday, December 2, 2010

Jimmy V.

If this doesn't put a lump in your through and a chill through your blood, congrats. You're dead.

Go watch it again. Now.

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Pete S said...

I got into a donnybrook after the NC State vs. UNC game one year. My buddies and I (all of whom attended State) were playing pool at a bar in Chapel Hill and some UNC students said that Valvano was a cheater and a crook.

I asked them if they thought they could start a cancer foundation knowing full well that they were dying of cancer. I asked them if they would have the determination that Valvano had in giving that speech despite not being able to walk to the podium without help. They said the wrong thing. I took some lumps, but it was worth it.

Showing extreme courage in the face of certain, pending death is the ultimate display of character and honor. I spoke with Jim Valvano a couple of times, and I will never, ever forget those memories. He was so cool, funny, affable, and REAL.