Monday, December 13, 2010


Say what you will about Mark Sanchez's performance yesterday—and he was very erratic. But the jets receivers did him no favors. Santonio Moss drops a nice touch pass in the end zone that hits him in the chest and not a defender around for miles. And Jerricho Cotchery drops a beautiful laser beam from Sanchez-on the run—that would have resulted in a huge gain on the final drive. Again, Sanchez was wild, but those 2 important plays could have turned the game around.

Looking back on the Matt Cassell and Mike Vrabel for Patrick Chung gotta give big edge to the Chiefs. Chung is a nice player and a good piece of the puzzle. But look how bad the Chiefs looked yesterday without him? And thrown in the versatile and still uber-athletic Vrabel. Big ups to the Chiefs.

If Hideki Matsui had any legs to run anymore, he would be getting a really nice contract this off-season. As wrote yesterday, Matsui had a very nice 274/.361/.459 with 21 homers for the Angels this past season. However after June those numbers flip to .300/.392/.498. Really nice numbers. Think Maybe Seattle could use a bat like that? I'm telling you, if he only had any getaway sticks on him, he'd be an outfielder much in demand.

16-9 with 8 wins in a row? Wait, I remember...there used to be a basketball team in New York called the Knicks. Are these those guys? I haven't seen them in such a long time.

If I were the Brewers, I would trade for Zach Grienke in a heartbeat. He'd be a perfect fit for that team...a team with a ton of bats but nobody to pitch for them.

I think the Miami Hurricanes made a very, very nice hire in Temple's Al Golden. A really nice hire. The Hurricanes are back, and sooner rather than later.

Said it before, will say it again: If the Steelers only had only a halfway-decent offensive line, they would be the class of the league—no debate. But 4 sacks, 8 QB hits against a depleted 2-11 Bengals tram. Just pathetic.

Sorry to all the Vikings fans who got gypped of a good game against the Giants, but that footage of the Metrodome collapse was really, really cool.

So the Jimmy Clausen era in Carolina is coming to an end. Well, that was fast.

Tend to agree with Rob Neyer. How can the Royals be psyched about these particular signings? What would the victories added due to these 2 signings? .2 of a game?

You know, in some small, small way, I do kind of hope the Yankees don't get Cliff Lee and instead give some kid the chance to pitch the number 5 spot and grow into the role with some growing pains. Not that that would ever happen. The Yankees would go out and get someone else to spot the 5th role in the rotation. But I would love the Yankees to give the kid a chance and start to build a rotation around kids with potential rather than aging hired—and very expensive—guns.

After watching the Bengals-Steelers games, the AAPTBNL Man of the Week award has to go to Troy Polamalu. Know it's a cliche, but the man does seem to be everywhere on the field. Delayed run play, deep pass play, he just seems to be in the right spot all the time. And yesterday was no exceptiong. 2 INT's one for a pick-6. Nice game, Troy.

And lastly, my good buddy, Pete has a new College basketball site. i speak from experience—the man knows his college basketball. He really knows everything. Go check out his new site. I guarantee it will be a good read.


Pete S said...

The Jets receivers have had several bad games this season. It's hard enough on young QB's in this league...when your receivers drop gimmes, it's got to be frustrating.

How deep was USC over the past 10 years when Matt Cassell never even got off the bench? Mind boggling.

Great idea for Matsui...he and Suzuki on the same team would create international buzz if nothing else.

The Knicks have been shocking, but their schedule for the rest of December is brutal...let's see if they can compete. If they can pull .500 for the rest of the year, I will start going to Knicks games again.

Pete S said...

And thank you for the kind plug, P-Cat. I did not see it yesterday...