Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Mark Sanchez could not have looked worse yesterday if he lobotomized himself just before he went out on the field.

Speaking of young QBs, Josh Freeman had a decent against the Falcons Sunday, but none of the commentators made the point that the last throw he made that was intercepted by Brent Grimes and cost the Bucs any chance of winning the game was a god-awful throw. Instead of putting the ball near the sideline where only his receiver could have caught it (as well as leading his receiver out of bounds and stopping the clock), it was way behind his receiver allowing Grimes to step in front of his sliding, reaching back receiver and intercept the ball. Terrible throw.

To say there is a pitching dearth in baseball now would be a massive understatement. I mean how can any team be very interested in Rich Harden? Are teams really that desperate for pitching. Just take your wallet and throw it in the incinerator...that's what you'll get out of Harden nowadays.

Not saying Zach Grienke will fail he is traded to the Toronto Blue Jays, which is the hot buzz so far. But pitching against the Yankees, Rays, Red Sox and resurgent Orioles—and on Astroturf; he has a 4.95 ERA lifetime on the turf—will be a sharp wake-up call for him.

In the hyperbolic of the week, this dude from.....Huntsville, Alabama...declares that Cam Newton the best ever to play in the SEC. How do you make a statement like that and not feel stupid, And then follow it up with "The Shawshank Redemption is the best movie not to win Best Picture" Hello, Raging Bull? Citizen Cane? Miller's Crossing? To Kill A Mockingbird? Goodfellas? Come on, Man.

That said, Cam Newton, should he come out is the number one pick. So then, why is that I see the Buffalo Bills getting the number one pick and then passing on Newton for a safety?

Jason Werth blossomed while playing in a Phillies lineup with Chase Utley, Ryan Howard and Raul ibanez protecting him in the lineup. Hope he plays that well in a lineup with Roger Bernadina and Nyjer Morgan.

Nice article by CFN about the BCS and how it fared this year. Have a look.

The MLB baseball winter meetings are turning into some odd hoopla event like the NFL draft where fans invent scenarios and try to predict where the players will end up. And I'm totally on board with it.

Steelers-Ravens. Cold, cold night. Ben Roethlisberger. Broken nose. Now that's football.

For the AAPTBNL, I'm going go for Brian Urlacher. Sure he had a sick game: 17 tackles, 9 of them solo and half a sack. But mainly, I'm taking him because after a couple years of frustration, it's great to see him back healthy. Good going B.U.

And lastly, found this: Top Ten embarrassing sports endorsements. For me, it's GOTTA be Jimmy Johnson doing those Extenze commercials, although that 80's disco jeans commercial is a close second.


Pete S said...

The Pats looked like they had the Jets play book. Come to think of it, maybe they did. Bill B. certainly isn't above it.

Is that guy from Alabama aware that Georgia is in the SEC and Hershel Walker played there? Oh yeah, Peyton Manning went to Tennessee. Namath? Reggie White? Oh yeah, the Shawshank Redemption isn't even the best prison movie I have ever seen.

Big Ben fighting off Terrell Suggs and heaving the ball out of bounds was inspiring. He's a beast.

Travis said...

The Bucs never should have worn their throwback jerseys. Do they not know what their record was overall wearing those things?

I personally just don't trust what is going upstairs in Greinke's head. I fear for any team that gets him.

I did enjoy that BCS article, even if that talk does wear me out.

Anonymous said...

It concerns me, as a Colts fan, that Sanchez and PEYTON MANNING said the same things in their post game press conferences...
I need to play better, make better reads, take better care of the football, etc.

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