Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Can you imagine the 5-alarm coronary Tom Coughlin must have had after the game on Sunday?. Coughlin—who's been known to explode into a obscenity-filled, tear-his-shirt off, fit on his couch watching Cinderella with his grandkids—must have vomited his kidney up while screaming at his players in the locker room.

What was with all the wimpy junk from players complaining about playing outside in Minnesota. "It's too cold." "The field is too mean and oww-ey."  What do they think all the players did up into 1981 when the dome was built. "The field is all hard and hurty." Just go play. It's freakin' football.

You gotta respect what the Milwaukee Brewers are doing. Unlike all the other small market "close the checkbook" markets, they are going out, getting players and trying to win. San Diego, are you paying attention?

Said last week that the Brewers should trade for Grienke. And I'm glad they did. But man, they gave up a lot. And had to take Yuniesky Betancourt. Ouch.

Much respect for Charles Woodson. When asked if he thought the NFL should go to 18 games, Woodson straightforwardly said, in a year when concussions are at an all-time high, what makes the NFL think that players could stand another 2 games? Damn straight. Just count how many players got concussed the last 2 weeks. Now add 2 more games. It's scary.

And wonder what happens when Tom Brady or Peyton Manning gets concussed. The league will probably still go to an 18-game season, but now the rules for defensive players are you're not allowed to tough the quarterback except with the back of your left hand. And only in the quarterback's non-throwing arm.

Ahhhh! Bowl season! Can't wait to watch the San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl! The glory! The history! The majesty!

Interesting article by Jon Heyman on why he didn't vote for Bert Blylevan for the HOF. Don't know if I agree, but he's right about one thing. It's the Hall of the Greats, not the Very Goods.

That said, there is no way Bobby Abreau should be considered for the HOF. He shouldn't be allowed in upstate New York, so he doesn't get too close to it.

Why do people keep asking if Atlanta Falcons are for real? They are 11-2. That's pretty damn real. In any league.

There are a bunch of gleeful, "Tee-Hee" articles comparing the Cliff Lee spurning of the Yankees in 2010 to Greg Maddux spurning them in 1992. One thing though. How many World Series did Maddux win with the Braves? And how many have the Yankees won since 1993?

Good to see Steve Francis being the model ambassador of the game.

For AAPTBNL Man of the Week, we're gonna go with Donald Brown of the Colts. After a season where the Colts couldn't run the ball anywhere, Brown goes out and averages 9.2 yards a carry including a nice run for 49 yards and a TD. Congrats Don, for keeping the Colts playoff hopes alive.

And finally, the Onion Sports gets it right again.


samerochocinco said...

Yeah, I don't get why people aren't taking the Falcons seriously. Their schedule certainly hasn't been easy, the NFC South is a formidable division and they play both sides of the ball relatively well (except for a weak passing defense). I can easily see them in the conference game, and it's not crazy to predict them in the Super Bowl.

Pete S said...

Tom Coughlin should be fired. I don't care if the Giants make the play-offs. I don't care if they win a Super Bowl. He needs to go. Cowher supposedly has the Giants on the top of his list, so they should go after him.

The Giants failed to prepare for on onside kick and got burned. They failed to punt the ball out of bounds and got scorched. Coughlin is ultimately responsible.

I have had it.

Travis said...

Personally, I really enjoyed the Beef O'Brady's Bowl between 8-5 Southern Miss and 7-6 Louisville played at majestic Tropicana Field. The jewel of major league baseball.

I respect the aggressiveness of the Brewers, but I think they gave up too much for Grienke.

I read the article on Blylevan, and I still disagree with him.

Although, this: "In the end, the best are not defined by being consistently good and sticking around long enough to post totals beyond their actual impact. That's what Blyleven did."

I disagree with. Part of the HOF is doing it for a long period of time, and the all of the Halls are filled with people who just put up solid stats over a long period of time.